A day in the life - Sajad Rahman

Blood Glucose Specialist at Roche Diabetes Care

As a graduate in Medical Biochemistry from the University of Birmingham, I had many options open to me regarding career prospects. I chose to work within public health,   primarily with the Health Protection Agency, and then with a private healthcare consultancy, where I project managed the development of smoking cessation clinics and launching the now very successful Birmingham Heart MOT. 

These projects exposed me to colleagues within the pharmaceutical industry.  Having a solid working knowledge of the NHS, a strong clinical background, project management, & communication skills, as well as being able to build relationships with internal and external stakeholders, made me stand out from the crowd.
In my current role as Blood Glucose Specialist at Roche Diabetes Care, I have had the privilege of working with some extraordinarily people and products. I currently manage Primary & Secondary care in London, working with  GP leads, Practice Nurses, Diabetes Specialist Nurses, Consultants and Medicines Management.

I start my day by making phone calls, confirming appointments for the day. I tend to plot out my route before I set off so that I can make speculative calls in between appointments. This helps me to gain further appointments in my diary and potentially meet new clients. I am also able to check and respond to emails, allowing me to plan ahead and grow the business further. 

Before each appointment, I review what was discussed in any previous meetings and make a pre call plan of what I would like to achieve in the meeting. This plan varies from client to client, depending on the customer type, the relationship I have with them and how I would like my business to progress.  After each meeting, I then make notes in on our online portal as to what was discussed and action points. Although my core role consists of meeting with customers, to increase awareness of our blood glucose portfolio,  I also have other responsibilities which include being part of innovative projects such as the iPad Expert tool and working on a project to look into the future requirements of the NHS, which has given me clear direction with regards to next steps in my career.

Having successfully achieved Product person of the year in 2015, I can truly say if you are a driven individual with a hunger to succeed the Blood Glucose Specialist role is a great platform for anyone to exhibit their talents and grow within Roche Diabetes Care.

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