A day in the life of - Lucy Buckley

Franchise Associate, Established Products 

Durham University- BA Business Management & Marketing with Placement

The first thing I would say about the day in the life of a Franchise Associate working in the Roche UK Affiliate, is that no one day is ever the same. Whether I am meeting with one of our creative agencies to discuss  and brainstorm digital campaigns, or catching up with my financial controller to ensure the franchise is tracking and reporting our actual spend correctly versus target,  there is no limit on the breadth of activity that I can experience on a typical day at the office.

A typical day for me could consist of the following…

8:30am- Arrive at the office

Although Roche culture adapts a flexible working policy, I do typically arrive at around 8:30am as it works well with my commuting time. Upon arrival at the office, I have a routine of  checking my emails and creating a prioritized checklist in a notepad. Once I have established what I will need to do that morning, I grab a coffee with another one of my associate colleagues, and then come back to my desk to work through my list, prioritizing what we call A1 tasks (the most business critical!). I find that blocking this 30 minutes to 1 hour in the morning really helps me to set myself up for the day ahead.

10am- Weekly Marketing/Medical Meeting

My team is in a good habit of meeting weekly on a Monday morning to check in, share all of our priorities for the week , or give any updates that may need to be shared. The meeting usually lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour and is an excellent opportunity to align all our different A1 tasks, avoid duplications 

11:30am- Finance check-in

When it gets to mid-morning, I will have a 30 minute catch up with my finance business partner, Jon, to establish the expenditure for my franchise at month end. This typically involves talking through the tactical plan and reporting actual spend versus target by project. This is a crucial part of an associates role as they own the responsibility of the Expenditure tracking for the entire franchise.

12:30pm- Lunch break

I think it is really important to take a break from your desk or meetings and go down to the restaurant for lunch. So I find I am in a good habit of doing this, either with some of the other associates or with my team.

14:00pm- Multi-channel Meeting

During the afternoon, and after an energy boost at lunch, I will sit with my aligned internal designer, Greg, to design an email campaign to be sent to the target customer list of one of our top brands. Working in an Established brand team, email is really a great way to communicate with our customers and so here I will really think through the customer journey and the call to action that drives the customer to engage with the content. The in-house design team are amazing with their creative development and super efficient, so working together, we can easily create an email campaign in about 40 minutes. 

17:30pm- Leave Office 

After a couple of hours working to complete all my actions and follow ups, I am ready to head home for the day. My commute to North London will typically take me about 1 hour, which means I can begin to wind down for the evening at home from about 6:30pm.

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