A day in the life - Hannah Ahlgren

Job Title

Medical Information Executive Specialist 

Where are you based?

Burgess Hill

How long have you worked at Roche?

Nearly four years

Describe your work:

My main responsibility is to drive and co-ordinate investigator initiated clinical studies that are supported by Roche.

Tell us about your background:

I have a Master degree in Cell Biology from Åbo Akademi University in Finland and a doctorate degree in Neuroscience from Heidelberg University in Germany.  For my doctorate education I obtained a Marie Curie fellowship that was part of a European consortium which meant I did part of my degree at the Oslo University in Norway. After my doctorate I did a short post doc before deciding to move from academia. Roche has a very attractive reputation in academia and when I was offered a position as a product specialist for Point of Care product portfolio including associated IT-solution I was very happy. I worked a couple of years within Technical Services where after I decided to try something else and when a great opportunity arose within Medical Affairs which I grabbed with both hands.

What's written in your diary for today?

Pre-eclampsia advisory board update with the Irish team, phone meeting with global medical colleagues regarding a clinical study, summarising notes from previous Women’s Health meeting, meeting up with the installation team from technical services and completing emails as and when they arrive on the day and completing tasks relating to this. 
Which bit of today are you looking forward to most? I’m looking forward to the meeting with the installation team because at this stage a clinical study has already been approved and contracts signed and the investigator can soon start with the actual study, very rewarding and exciting.

Which bit of the day is your least favourite?

Doing travel expenses…

What do you like most about your customers? 

My external customers, the investigators and clinical study co-ordinators, are very committed to their work and I learn a lot from them all the time. I am also fortunate that I get to work with so many great people across our organisation. 

What one thing would you like to change about your work?

I would like to have more time to visit investigators to learn better their research and needs. These are also really valuable to build a good relationship.

Describe in one sentence a typical day at home:

Housework, everything that has left undone during the week, spending time with my hubby and my son hopefully have a walk in the woods.

If today was a non-working day (and it was an ideal world), what would you be doing?

I would go out and have a lovely lunch and maybe even a spa treatment. And of course, it would be sunny day!

Please finish this sentence: I couldn’t live without...

friends, family and books.

What motto or saying do you live your life by?

Raise your hand, don’t be nervous. 

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