A day in the life - Haley Doherty

My name is Haley Doherty and I am a Franchise Associate for the HER2 (Breast cancer) team within the Product Strategy Directorate. My typical work day starts with a medical and marketing team meeting, where we discuss what everyone is up to this week and any upcoming meetings or events, such as the launch of a new brand of breast cancer treatment or a speaker webinar we are hosting for healthcare professionals. I would then go into a meeting with one of my team’s Brand Managers and a creative agency we are working with to deliver on an internal meeting for our sales team - planning the meeting objectives, themes, and activities. Another big part of my role is the tracking and maintaining of my team’s finances, so I would spend some time making payments to health care professionals and external companies we are working with on various projects. I also regularly meet with both the Head of Franchise Marketing in my team and the Country Medical Leader to make sure budgeted team projects and objectives are being carried out month to month. I would then have a meeting with the seven other Franchise Associates to talk about best practice within our role and what upcoming projects we are all working on within our franchises. As we are at the beginning of the new year, I would also be meeting with my team to go over our tactical plans and projects for 2017 - I was recently given ownership on projects such as organising Breast Cancer Awareness Month, running a meeting for nurses specialising in metastatic breast cancer, and owning the content updates for our newly launched website for healthcare professionals. Somewhere in this day is also an amazing lunch from the Roche canteen and plenty of cups of tea and coffee!

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