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Roche is keen to inspire young minds who will play a key role in shaping the future of healthcare. We see this as a learning exchange between generations and we enable our people to take on mentorship programmes above and beyond their day-to-day activities. This year Roche Diagnostics & Diabetes Care UK ran two pilot Work Inspiration sessions. The scheme has been designed to support and inspire young people aged 14-17 in further education or a career in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). 

So far, this initiative has seen 35 students embarking on a three-day programme to explore careers at Roche and how to apply theoretical STEM knowledge into practice. Each student selected a work related activity from a list of forward-thinking titles in healthcare. They had the freedom to independently explore, create and produce an innovative application with support from a team of specialist mentors, using the resources available at our Head Office in Burgess Hill.

For example, several students chose to investigate the application of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality into healthcare. With no limitations placed on them, the students exploded with ideas and impressed us with their futuristic, commercially viable concepts. 

Work Inspirations Programme 2019

Students particularly enjoyed

having the independence to work on projects alone, but with some guidance, being able to apply knowledge to real life and the thrill of coming up with a product and getting feedback on it

We held interactive workshops to help the students discover their learning style, develop their CV writing and presentation skills and shared details of the skill set and competencies that we look for at Roche.

When asked what the highlight of the Work Inspirations Programme was, the participants agreed that

getting a feel for what work life is like was the most rewarding, as well as seeing what it is like to work and be at a company like Roche if we don’t have parents with similar jobs

Our impact

By the end of 2020, our STEM strategy will have supported over 1,500 students across the UK and Ireland, providing them with an opportunity to discover the potential that comes from studying STEM topics. Also our capacity to support the teachers to deliver the national curriculum topics is a key part of our offering. With a large number of colleagues as subject matter experts, many of whom come from laboratory, research and medical backgrounds, we are well placed to showcase how what the students are learning has real life applications.

The place to Work

Here at Roche Diagnostics, we support local schools and students in facilitating discussions around educational pathways in STEM subjects and around potential of STEM careers. As per above, employees at Roche are given the opportunity to get involved in projects like this, regardless of whether they are field- or office-based. If your passion lies in having a job that enables you to give back to the community and help shape the minds of tomorrow, look at the jobs available at Roche using the search function below. 

Our culture

At Roche, we enable colleagues to experiment, develop and challenge our thinking. A group of employees formed a STEM team to create a bespoke three-day programme. We knew we could not deliver this without reaching out to employees who would be willing to mentor young students on their projects, highlighting the power of collaboration and teamwork within Roche.

As each session progressed, we were hugely impressed by the thinking of the young people. 

“Seeing so many young minds shine with big ideas to transform healthcare made us realise how much we can learn from them - it was a truly humbling experience,'' said Gerard Harkin, Head of Innovation, Roche Diagnostics UK/Ireland.

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