“Our actions revolve around patients” - meet Kamilla

My position at Roche involves considerable contact with patients every day. What is equally interesting is - it also gave me a unique opportunity to train some healthcare professionals who are far more senior than me. How fascinating is that?

It was a Monday morning when I came to work early at 7am, waiting eagerly for two senior hematologists to arrive at our office in Burgess Hill, UK.  For the very first time, I would be undertaking a new role to deliver advanced training to the hematologists on Roche’s machine. The goal is for them to return to their lab after the training with confidence, and run tests for patients using our Roche instruments efficiently.

Having 3 years of experience at the time, I was beyond excited - yet a bit nervous that I was really going to upskill those seniors who had practiced in their field for almost 20 years. But I went for it, with tremendous support from my managers and the team including my colleague Kiran who joined me to prepare for the events. Before the D-day, we even stayed up until midnight to ensure everything was ready (and to enjoy some good wine together - a treat for our hard work!)

You might be wondering how the day went so in short, the training marked one of my best days at work with Roche because it was a great success!  Despite the rainy October weather outside, we had a fantastic discussion for hours inside, at our training lab. The hematologists deeply appreciated my technical knowledge, but on the other hand, I also got to learn so much from their years of scientific and laboratory expertise. It was certainly an enriching experience where we were connected not only by the shared knowledge - but also by two core things: patients’ lives and our aspiration to help bring the best diagnosis to those in need.

To me, Roche is all about the people, the passion, and the opportunities to grow.

Our impact

Hi! My name is Kamilla and I am an Application Specialist at Roche Regional Customer Support Center (RCSC), UK. The story above is one part of my work where I collaborate with healthcare professionals. The other part I take pride in doing as well - is to stay in touch with patients and resolve their technical/ scientific issues related to Roche’s smart handheld devices. 

Can you imagine? Most of the patients are in their 70s, 80s, even 90s - so they are like our grandpa or grandma who has a device that keeps track of their everyday health. The device, in many ways, is like their “closest friend”. This means if it stops functioning somehow and we were not there to assist them, they would have to commute a long way to reach a hospital, which would cause a big hassle for their age. It is as such a beautiful feeling when I can get the machine working again and notice how much it means to them. During this turbulent time of the Covid-19 pandemic when these elderly are among the most vulnerable groups, and physical distancing is key to ensure their safety, I can see even more clearly the importance of my work and the massive impact it makes on their life.

The place to Work

It is the People that make Roche unique.

Matrix teams, flat structure… one may easily list out all these nice aspects of our culture - but I would highlight here the biggest element which truly sets us apart: the people. Countless times since joining our Roche RCSC, I have witnessed what it means to be part of a ‘big family’ where all colleagues are genuinely happy to share knowledge especially with new joiners. It is incredible how there’s just trust among everyone: I can go and speak to anyone in the organization and they will try to help me the best they can.

We may come from different corners of the world: Oman, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Denmark… but we are always One Roche.

Joining Roche RCSC UK initially as a Product Specialist, I have grown exponentially over the past 3.5 years to become now a team leader of a regional community of technical experts across EMEA and LATAM. This surely would not have happened without a transparent work environment and the open-minded managers who have been caring about my career and going out of their way to support my development journey. 

It is also a lot of fun to have a dynamic life at the office when we are offered with diverse activities like Geoff's Olympic Challenge, 10k Tuesday (after work running), Walking Wednesday, Yearly Table Tennis tournament… - events which allow us to stay fit and simultaneously meet colleagues from other departments across all levels, from specialists to managers to directors. Excitingly, I am a member of the Roche UK Female Football Team and participate in the Roche Inter-site Football Tournament that takes place every year. Last year, our team went to Spain and won the “Fair-play team” Award!

Are you curious about making a career abroad? I moved from Denmark to the UK to work at Roche RCSC and it has been one of my best decisions so far. If you are considering a move - go for it, I can only recommend it!

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