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2016 is one of the milestones in my life. I was working in FMCG for 3 years before I realized that I need more meaning in what I'm doing. In January 2016, I’ve changed the sector for something more valuable. I was lucky enough to come across with a job posting by Roche. When I asked my friends who were already working in pharma industry, all of them told me that Roche is a lifetime learning place.

Since then,I have been working at Roche first as a product manager responsible for breast franchise and then as a sales team lead in oncology. Diverse experience in two companies from different industries and the two roles in Roche helped me to broaden my vision. My passion towards co-creating with health care professionals and my interest towards strategic planning always encourages me towards commercial positions.

Thanks to new ways of working, we focus more on delivering the best for the patients.

The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.

Our Impact

I have encountered the word ‘cancer’ in 1998 in my family. It was breast cancer, and 20 years later I was about to launch a breast cancer drug in Roche. The advancements in cancer treatment about which I heard during my initial trainings at Roche,  helped me realize the future is full of hopes. I remember vividly one of the moments, when I was thrilled to hear that we have received approval for neoadjuvant treatment, which has a huge impact in the quality of life of the patients.

At Roche, I feel lucky that I have experienced this significant impact on patients from two different perspectives: marketing and sales. In marketing, you are building a strategy and trying to give right messages to make sure you deliver better outcomes for patients. On the other hand, in sales you experience that moment, when you explain your product, deliver the right messages and you get the insights at first hand. Two different roles helped me to have more empathy towards each other.

The place to Work

The first thing comes to my mind about Roche is ‘courage’. I am proud to be  part of this company because the history of Roche is full of courageous moves that inspired  others to follow the same path. Roche’s transformation/new ways of working - is a bold move that will shape the whole pharma world. As Kennedy once said, “the time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” with such successful consecutive years, Roche could have chosen easier way but did not. Thanks to new ways of working, we focus more on delivering the best for the patients. This brings more sense of ownership in each department. We all feel that we are a part of the same puzzle with one single aim: our north star. 

At Roche, people are ready to help each other; you always feel the full support from your colleagues and mentors. A good example of this is; during a product launch, I asked our leadership team to join us in the field for one day, and together we gave the messages across Turkey and got the insights first hand. The impact was quite amazing. It highlighted the fact that at Roche we all work for a common purpose, the patients.

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