Supply, Operations, Quality

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What drives us.

The three areas we work in – Supply Chain, Operations and Quality & Compliance – ensure reliable supply to patients for Roche Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics. We optimize processes and manage our supply chain on an end-to-end basis and safeguard the high quality standard that has made us the global market leader in personalised healthcare. Could this be a challenge that drives you too?

What makes us different.

In the Supply Chain unit, you will work with us to ensure a reliable supply of our innovative medicines and diagnostic systems to customers and patients. In other words, we design and optimize continuous supply chains throughout the product life cycle – from raw materials to finished product. Moreover, we assume responsibility by leading product management teams and developing and implementing product strategies.

At Roche, Operations means supplying important healthcare products to people all over the world. Our work in this area contributes to a smooth assembly and manufacturing workflow for test systems and instruments, including for Roche Diagnostics in Rotkreuz, the country’s biggest manufacturer of fully automated in vitro diagnostics systems.

Working in Quality & Compliance, you will be a guardian of Roche’s high standards. We focus on safeguarding high-quality supplies to patients, continuous improvement of our processes and products, and legally compliant processes, products and behavior.

Why we will inspire you.

In Supply Chain, Operations and Quality & Compliance, you will be working closely with the many people employed at Roche in a wide variety of functions across different sites and countries. And all the while you will be helping to make a better future through medical innovation. Is that the sort of job in which you could realize your potential?