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Start small, think big

My journey from a village at the foot of the Andes to a multinational pharmaceutical company at the foot of the Alps.

Itʼs hard to understand how I ended up where I ended up. Not so long ago, I was enjoying my childhood in the middle of the Andes, and now I am pursuing the career of my dreams in the Alps. I am a biomedical engineer by training and I started my career doing research on brain antitumor drugs on rats in Germany. Willing to get more interaction with people, I decided to continue my career in sales, marketing and business development. Moved by my passion for improving peopleʼs lives and my interest in business, I decided to enrol for an MBA and seek opportunities in the healthcare industry. The Business Perspectives programme has been an intense experience and has shaped my life yesterday, today and tomorrow. From the Andes over the Alps to ... infinity and beyond. 

We have to be grateful! At every destination I arrived, I found people that have been meticulously planning and working for years to arrive where they are. And for these many years (10–25 years), they have been exposed to one part of this complex organisation. In this programme you will learn to adapt to change fast, you will learn to be proactive and create opportunities, you will learn to navigate the organisation seamlessly, you will create a network of guidance and support and you will get all of this in just 2 years.

This programme gives you the unique opportunity to effectively cross-pollinate the organisation. From the get-go, you are given a network of guidance and support that will act as door-opener to pools of expertise spread across the whole organisation. This expertise together with your skillset will set you up to be a great contributor wherever you may go.

"It is good to have ambitions, but do not get obsessed over them and enjoy the present moment"




Whenever you get there, there is no there.
Gertrude Stein

Our impact

Many times when I go out for dinner with friends, I surprise myself by talking about the extraordinary improvements that we achieve in people’s lives. It is in these moments when I understand the impact of what we do, and I feel proud about it.

During the last two years, I have been involved in beautiful projects touching patients’ lives: For example helping African women gain access to cervical cancer screening, where, unfortunately, there is still a bit of stigma around it, or innovating non-invasive ways to do a differential diagnosis of the polycystic ovarian syndrome that could unfold into diabetes or fertility problems.

The place to Work

It took me a while to find a place like Roche where you can have a challenging yet sustainable career. I have experienced Roche culture and people across different countries and so far, I have never heard anything bad from anyone. Roche is a people-oriented organisation where you will find many career paths that will meet your needs for any stage of your life. People are at the centre at every step of the value chain. 

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