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Promoting innovation through trust and creativity

Creativity and trust are essential for us to develop innovative solution strategies for the challenges we face, both now and in the future. I appreciate Roche’s courage to embrace change, so that we can uphold our responsibility towards society in the long term.


My name is Markus. I’m a biotechnician and have been working at Roche for eight years. I have benefited from the many opportunities for further development at Roche. For example, I’ve been able to expand and improve my professional and personal skills in various positions within the Quality Unit. My ambition to do my best at all times and create added value for our customers.

My day-to-day work in Quality Business Support is extremely varied. Together with my team, I support the Quality management team and the organisation in simplifying their processes, driving change and innovation, developing the organisational and site culture, and expanding and reinforcing the strategic direction. I appreciate that my workplace is open to creativity and allows us to explore new approaches.

Change only takes place through action.
Dalai Lama

Our impact

My work at Roche helps to ensure that patients have access to high-quality products. Our aim is to provide more medical progress for society at lower costs. To this end, we’re continually improving our processes in order to reduce throughput times, increase product quality, and respond appropriately to future customer requirements with agile organisational structures.

The place to Work

Roche is an employer that treats its employees with a great deal of respect. Our corporate culture is based on trust, equality and employee empowerment. The development opportunities are very diverse and enable employees to gain an insight into the different areas of the company. Roche offers a highly attractive working environment with IT equipment and creative spaces that make it possible to work flexibly on site or at home. The cooperation in the various teams is excellent.

Our workplace

I work at the Roche site in Kaiseraugst, Switzerland. I live with my family on the Swiss side of Rheinfelden and appreciate the cultural diversity in Switzerland, both professionally and personally. I take the bus to work each day, as there are very good public transport connections to the site. During my lunch break I like to go jogging in the nearby woods to keep myself fit and well balanced. The infrastructure in Kaiseraugst is excellent and meets the requirements of a modern workplace. As well as a gym, it also has various restaurants.

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