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Meet Valérie, Head Engineering & Maintenance at Roche

Hi, my name is… 

Valérie. I’m a Process Engineer at Roche Kaiseraugst. After my degree at ETH Zurich, I joined the engineering department at Roche Basel, planning plants for chemical drug production. I had the opportunity to work on many different projects and learn about a wide range of technologies and machines. To broaden my horizon and become more familiar with the final processing of the medicines (e.g. filling and packaging processes), I changed to the Kaiseraugst site as a Reliability Engineer. Within the first year, I had the opportunity to take on my current position, leading a team responsible for the maintenance and spare part strategy for the local production facilities. 

My typical day at work is…

very varied and therefore always exciting. In my role as a team leader, I am responsible for strategic planning, employee management and guaranteeing a productive framework for the team. As a technical expert, I collaborate on local and global projects, supporting the project teams with technical expertise.

The location I work at is…

Kaiseraugst, with around 2,700 employees at the site. The four main production buildings are complemented by a great infrastructure, including special rooms for creative working, rest areas, various canteens and a fitness center. In addition, the beautiful nature in the surrounding area enables various outdoor activities, such as biking and running. 

From an engineer’s point of view, we deal with complex machinery, such as filling and packaging lines, which makes our work diverse, challenging and very interesting. 

My work helps Roche to…

ensure the reliability, maintainability and availability of our production plants.

Roche as an employer is…

a company which encourages modern working such as part-time positions, working from home (where possible), women in leadership positions and much more. Our teams are diverse, which enriches the daily work and knowledge sharing enormously.

Independent working and autonomous decision-making has been supported throughout my entire experience of working at Roche.   

What do you do to help balance life and work?

I think hobbies like sports or making music are a good way to clear the mind. For me, playing football and the piano is a great way to achieve a balance between life and work. These hobbies are fun, make you more focused and boost creativity.    

What can you say about career development at Roche?

Personal development is everybody’s own responsibility. Due to the size of the company, the opportunities are huge (e.g. working at different sites, broad spectrum of courses and training, coaching programmes etc.). This is a great benefit for Roche’s employees! Motivated and self-reflected people can achieve a lot thanks to this broad range of possibilities. 

You want to enlarge Valérie’s team with your individual knowledge? Get more information about vacant positions within Roche here.

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