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Meet Tatiana Rosa, Head of Sterile Manufacturing at Roche

Hi, my name is…

Tatiana Rosa. I am an industrial pharmacist and have been working at Roche for more than 15 years, which has been a fantastic experience. I joined Roche’s Rio de Janeiro manufacturing site in Brazil, my home country, in 2003. Over the years, Roche has offered me a number of opportunities and I have always been willing to accept a new challenge, following my curiosity and desire to learn more, so I have worked in different operational areas. In 2016, I came to Switzerland for a two-year assignment, then moved back to Brazil before returning to Switzerland with my family again last August.

My typical day at work is…

quite exciting and very dynamic. I am responsible for the sterile production of medicines in two manufacturing buildings with different filling lines and technologies. As a result, it is difficult to find me at my desk. Around 450 people work in the department and we proudly produce 40 million vials per year for different countries.

The location I work at is…

Kaiseraugst. I commute from Basel by train and bus, which is very convenient and ecofriendly. There are 1,400 of us at Kaiseraugst Biologics Drug Product manufacturing, mainly divided into materials management, drug product manufacturing, finished goods packaging and quality operations.

My work helps Roche to…

deliver medicines to patients as I am directly involved in manufacturing biological, sterile, commercial products. We are working on accelerating production lead times, increasing quality performance and production line productivity in order to become even more agile, cost effective and capable in adapting to the new demands. We put the patient at the centre of our daily business.

Roche as an employer is…

open to giving equal opportunities for career development. Roche respects people of all genders, races or nationalities, offering opportunities for anyone who wants to pursue them. People here are very open to embracing challenges and changes. We are always ready to go the extra mile, considering that our work touches lives, and we are passionate about doing what we do to the best of our ability: delivering quality products on time to our patients, while working as one with a collaborative mindset.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I am very proud of having been the first woman to lead a manufacturing site in Rio de Janeiro.

Diversity in terms of ideas and styles enables innovation and adaptability to change, two things that are crucial to overcoming business challenges.

Specifically related to the topic of gender diversity, Roche values the work/life balance for young mothers. Things like that give women more confidence and offer us a bigger incentive to continue with our careers. I believe Roche’s emphasis on diversity and inclusion helps many professionals like me along the way.

How would you describe working at Roche in three words?

Gratitude, pride and joy.

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