Meet Ricardo, Finance Perspectives at Roche

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Hi, my name is…

…Ricardo. I grew up in Caracas, Venezuela and right after finishing high school in Venezuela I moved to Marburg, Germany to study economics. After finishing my bachelor’s degree I went to business school at ESCP Europe in Paris, Madrid and London. Before joining Roche, I gained experience in several consultancies in Germany. In January 2017, I joined Roche’s Finance Perspectives rotation programme, a two-year rotational programme where you move every half-year to a new country and new department. I’m a very curious person and love moving around, meeting new people, and learning new languages. I invest much of my time outside of work reading and listening to podcasts to learn about new ideas on different topics, hear different opinions, and immerse myself in new worlds.

My typical day at work is…

…very diverse due to the structure of the programme. At the beginning of the year I was working in management reporting (consolidation) at the Diagnostics headquarters in Rotkreuz, Switzerland, analysing financial data submitted by all affiliates worldwide and making our accuracy-checking processes more robust. Additionally, I was involved in a great project to understand the impact of foreign exchange rate fluctuations on our business. Currently I’m working in Controlling in Buenos Aires, at Roche Argentina. In Controlling, I partner with other parts of the business to help build an accurate picture of our past, present and future financial health compared to our forecasts. Furthermore, I’m involved in a supply chain project building a business case to decide where to make investments. Who knows what my typical day will look like 6 months or 1 year from now?

The location I’m working at is…

…Buenos Aires, where I live in its very nice neighborhood Palermo. The office is located outside of the city centre but Roche provides a bus that drives me there every day. In Buenos Aires, they are very focused on providing great quality of life and work-life balance at the office, offering, for example, a gym and a free delicious lunch. During my first rotation I lived in Rotkreuz near the train station. I’m very grateful since I could walk to work but could also travel easily to Lucerne, Zurich, and even Italy! The Rotkreuz site has more than 2000 employees from all over the world.

My work helps Roche to…

…make strategic decisions based on a solid understanding of our financial past and present, and with an outlook on the future. Financials are an important component to decide where and how to invest our time, energy, and money to ensure we can keep saving lives now and in the future. For me, in my first assignment this meant supporting the consolidation of our worldwide accounts for management purposes and, in my second assignment, doing monthly reports and developing a business case to decide where to invest.

Roche as an employer is…

…wonderful! I feel Roche is a very humane organisation that genuinely cares about me as a human being. I sensed that from the very first time I got in touch with Roche at the assessment centre for the Finance Perspectives Programme, and continue to feel it now. Although every team, department and country are different, I believe genuine interest in people is a common theme across Roche.

For the Perspectives Programme, we’re looking for someone/people who…

…are in the early stages of their career (1-5 years' work experience) with a global mindset, team spirit and leadership potential. Personally, I believe sharing Roche’s values, remaining humble, and being able to adapt quickly to diverse environments are the most important elements (while excellent academic records and international experience should be a given for this special programme).

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

During my time at business school in Madrid, I led a team in organising a conference and design thinking workshop in a couple of weeks with no budget, no connections and regular classes at the same time – and I was the only one of the team speaking Spanish. We managed to recruit volunteers, find sponsors and partners, fill the entire auditorium, and deliver a great experience for all. I’m very proud of the work we achieved as a team!

What's the best advice you ever received in your career, and whom did you get it from?

Always remain humble. This advice given by my aunt reminds me you can always learn from anyone and any situation.

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