Hi, my name is…

…Rebecca. Having a dual nationality, Swiss and Lebanese, I embarked on an international journey through multinational environments, and enjoyed learning several languages and their culture. I was brought up in a picturesque vineyard village overlooking Lake Geneva with a view of the majestic Mont Blanc on the horizon.

Before coming to Roche, I worked in the FMCG industry, which taught me to have a competitive and agile mindset. After earning my MBA, I changed to a career that fully supports my convictions.

What interested me in Roche’s Business Perspectives Program was the genuine purpose, fast-paced, changing environment and international setting of this global development programme and the opportunity to complete rotations in four different countries and learn about their functions and needs.

I love to take on challenges, organise charity events and savour a plate of good Italian pasta. My personal interests are the theatre, classical music and architecture, and my family is also very important to me.

My typical day at work is…

…non-existent, because each day is different. On my first rotation in Ireland as a Hospital Sales Specialist, I learned about promoting drugs and understanding the hospital needs and the healthcare system.

This brought me to my current occupation as a Product Manager at Roche in Brazil. All projects entail optimisation, especially for breast cancer drugs, so it is my task to find ways and means to reach the more than 200 million Brazilians who have little access to modern technology. I am responsible for developing strategies and bringing them into action to unlock this potential and ensure that all eligible patients – not only those with private health insurance – get access to the drug.

There are enormous opportunities so I spend my days on activities ranging from exchanging ideas, creating strategy plans, and visiting hospitals to finding new loopholes to promote the drug legally in a politically unstable country. There is never a dull moment and teamwork is of the utmost importance.

The location I am working at is…

…São Paulo, a multicultural vibrant city with warm, welcoming citizens. The juxtapositions of slow-fast, rich-poor, and endless bustling-perpetual melting pot is fascinating to me.

The Roche site (which also has a bank, a gym and a beauty salon) houses the Diagnostics and Pharma divisions for Latin America and the Brazilian affiliate, the latter being the biggest market in the region and employing 1,600 people across the country!

For security reasons, I commute by taxi from Roche in Jaguaré to my home in Itaim Bibi.

My work helps Roche to…

…work more closely with healthcare systems, hospitals, patients and patient association groups to expand the treatment options for breast cancer.

This cancer affects tens of thousands of women in Brazil every year, so we are doing our best to enhance the chances of cure while working on efficient and speedier access for those in need. Increasing the awareness and knowledge of the disease and the available treatments is the ultimate goal. My personal understanding and experience of living in various countries will help speed up the process.

The goal of enabling more women to live longer and better inspires me in my work every day.

Roche as an employer is…

…empowering people to lead and act through the values of passion, courage and integrity. Roche is inclusive, creative to the core, amenable to new ideas, and has a real potential to innovate.

After only a very short time at Roche I received all the support I needed, especially when planning my Business Perspectives rotations. Not only for finding opportunities and guidance on how to best advance my development (I received great support from my mentor, the Program Manager and the alumni), but also for smooth integration through language classes, cultural training and relocation services. I always felt welcomed and well taken care of in all the rotation teams and countries. People take time to listen and are always willing to help, showing their commitment to working collaboratively and caring for others.

It’s been said before, but living it makes a difference. Encouragement and appreciation give you wings to fly.

What advice would you give a new colleague joining your department?

Successful Business Perspectives Program candidates are curious, eager to learn and willing to take on challenges. Flexibility and adaptability are essential components when moving to different countries across the globe. Never take anything for granted because new experiences expand your self-awareness and enrich your knowledge.

Be curious and open-minded! Listen to your mentor and Program Manager. In my case, both were determined to find the right rotation by challenging my thinking and making me see the bigger and broader picture. Finally, candidates should have an entrepreneurial and inclusive mindset, embracing diversity and collaboration.

How would you describe working at Roche in three words?

Innovative, inspiring, dedicated

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