Meet Paola from the Roche Internship programme in Global External Quality (RiQEx)

Hi! I am Paola and I work for the External Quality Team at Roche in Basel. I have always been interested in chemistry and healthcare and I wanted to get some workplace experience before starting my Master’s degree, so having the opportunity to do an internship at Roche in the vibrant city of Basel was a considerable privilege.


After completing my bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences and business administration at the University of Fribourg, an unpretentious and lively city in western Switzerland, I was ready to immerse myself in the German-speaking part of my beautiful country. 

My current position in the Global Material Quality Team is fulfilling, thanks to the varied tasks that I am involved in. In fact, my day-to-day activities revolve around supporting different team members. I have also been working on my own project, which includes tasks like contacting suppliers, researching relevant information on databases and discussing with colleagues about the most appropriate approaches to implementing specification documents. 

Compared to my experience at university, science at Roche is more rewarding and stimulating. At university, we were used to understanding and learning theoretical lessons, with the only purpose being to pass exams. At Roche, everything we learn feels important and serves to find solutions in order to improve processes. There is a lot of cross-functional collaboration, which is, in my opinion, the key to a well-organised and goal oriented company. 

The Roche Internship in External Quality helps me to develop because I feel fully integrated in the group, with different team members asking me to support them in one of their tasks or others giving me small personal projects to work on. Some tasks can be quite challenging and require more research in order to find optimal solutions, which is very enjoyable. Moreover, this internship allows me to learn about different career paths that I would not have considered before. In fact, people are always willing to share insights about their experience at Roche, their daily work and their departmental role. 

To people who are interested in the Roche Internship in External Quality I would recommend to apply without hesitation and be curious about the knowledge you can acquire. This position is the first internship I have completed and I can say with pride that I have learned a lot. An internship in External Quality will definitely be beneficial, especially if you want to find out more about how a healthcare company works and about collaborations across different Roche sites  or with suppliers.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.
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Our impact

Our job in Global Material Quality helps to implement all required documentation relating to chemicals for smooth purchase processes. As these chemicals will then be used to produce medicines, it is highly important that the raw materials acquisition process runs smoothly. So my work helps Roche comply with its requirements.        

The place to Work

As a Roche employee I enjoy many benefits, such as: I am trusted to manage my working time responsibly and to get tasks done; I can choose from a wide offering of sports, during or after working hours; and I have a strong sense that interns are fully integrated at Roche and appreciated for their ideas and the work they do. I have not felt that I am being treated differently even though the COVID-19 forced us to work from home! 

Our workplace

My office at the Viaduktstrasse is located in the centre of Basel, right next to the main station. Roche provides its employees with an affordable flat, and I love to ride my bike across the city to get to the office. The workplace is modern and pleasant, and I appreciate the self-service coffee space, which allows me to meet colleagues. The cafeteria is very enjoyable, with its friendly staff and varied menus, including lots of vegetarian options. 

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