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Meet Karen

Hi, I’m Karen, an ORDP Analyst at Roche based here in the beautiful city of Basel! Joining the Start PT ORDP program has been an exhilarating experience so far. I am part of the ORDP journey to explore various fields within the PT organization, from an end-to-end pipeline perspective in Supply Chain and Development, to the intricacies of Quality, Regulatory and Procurement directly connected to operations.

Before joining ORDP, I graduated with a BSc. in Business and Mechanical Engineering from Lucerne, Switzerland. 

As part of my first rotation, I had the chance to join our Drug Substance Manufacturing site, in the Operational Excellence division. The projects I worked on so far have cultivated opportunities to grow from the foundations of my education and gain exposure to the realities of a fast-paced, innovation-driven company. The rotation helped build technical knowledge of Roche’s manufacturing processes while providing the chance to work with the complex business and strategic challenges across the manufacturing site. 

Along with the rotational activities, Start PT ORDP supports each Analyst in developing skills to work collaboratively in a dynamic work environment, building a network of experienced professionals across the organization and the opportunity to be part of Roche’s commitment to patients everyday. My goal is to continue the program with the same passion, rigour and dedication I have experienced at Roche. 

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