Finding your passion to make an impact

Roche allows me to combine my desire to help patients with my interest in science and business. The people I’ve met along the way have helped me to find my passion and make an impact.

My name is Isabelle and I was part of the Business Perspectives programme. Growing up in different countries in Asia and in the US, I became aware of how different healthcare systems produce varying health outcomes. Today at Roche, I lead a team focused on launching an innovative oncology product that will help patients and improve healthcare system capacity. During Business Perspectives, I worked in Global Access (Basel HQ), Pipeline Product Strategy (Germany), and Sales for a launch product (Australia). Prior to Roche, I was a commercial life science strategy consultant and a research analyst in a public private partnership NGO. I hold an MBA from INSEAD and a BA from Columbia University.

The Business Perspectives programme helped me to develop because…

…of the diverse people you meet and learn from across the business and across the world. Mentors, exciting assignments, and forging my own path helped me to grow.

To people who are interested in the Business Perspectives programme, I would recommend that you…

…keep an open mind about what you’d like to learn and where you’d like to go, and don’t be afraid to take a risk and do something unexpected.

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Business Perspectives was an opportunity to meet and learn from diverse people across functions and geographies, and it taught me about myself and where I can best contribute.

Our impact

My work helps Roche to connect various parts of the healthcare ecosystem to help improve patient care. We connect with doctors, nurses, pharmacists, regulators and payers to understand where the medicine fits in the treatment paradigm and make sure that patients who are eligible for treatment actually receive it.


The place to Work

Roche allows me to combine my desire to help patients with my interest in science and business. There are endless possibilities for professional journeys at Roche, and the people you meet along the way want to help you find your passion and make an impact.

Do you want to learn more about our Business Perspectives programme? Then follow this link.

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