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Meet Harriet

Hello, My name is Harriet and I am an ORDP based in Basel. Born in Hamburg, Germany and living in Basel, Switzerland, I love being part of this international company.  I joined Roche in 2015 as a Cooperative University student, which led me to the opportunity of becoming an ORDP in 2018. I value the company culture and working environment as it is very open and especially supportive in developing their employees. 

As an ORDP I am part of an international group, there are six of us in Basel and another ten in South San Francisco. Being part of a culturally diverse group (with participants from Iran, Poland, France, the UK, as examples) helps me to find new approaches when I am struggling with a task and seeking a different perspective. 

Currently, I am in my third rotation in the department Global Supply Chain Management (PTS) and working on the project tender management in the transformation office. The Supply Chain connects the different parts of Roche to ensure a reliable supply of our innovative medicines to patients including manufacturing, procurement, product strategies and logistics, which makes it a very interesting function for me. Working in the project allowed me to closely collaborate with a colleague in Singapore and learn more about the forecasting processes in our commercial affiliates in Thailand and Malaysia. Being part of these cross-functional projects is one of the benefits I get from being an ORDP.

My previous rotations were in Pharma Technical Innovation (PTI) and Global Quality Control (GQC). In PTI, I worked on a portfolio and resource management tool and participated in a new process kick-off supporting the team set-up and creation of key performance indicators. In GQC, I received a lot of responsibility by leading the Pharmacopoeia project. Here, I needed to work with all Roche sites together to understand the challenges of the process and to design an optimized process using the agile project management methodology. Both of these rotations were highly valuable for my personal development with interesting learnings.

In general, all departments have been very welcoming and supportive and the projects I got involved in, further developed my operational, project management and communication skills, as well as, my personality. Moreover, the rotations provided a great overview of Roche’s Pharma Technical Operations. The work is very diverse and no two days are the same, which only contributes to an exciting work environment. I fully enjoy being part of the rotational development program and happy to give further insights or to answer any questions. 

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