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Meet Eliane

Hello, I am Eliane Weiss and I am in my first year within the ORDP program. It is an exciting time for me right now, as I start my second rotation in a new department, a new project and a new team. It is an amazing opportunity to learn, try out, grow, network and contribute to projects, indirectly helping patients worldwide. 
Understanding the big picture, contributing to a clear purpose and work that brings unique challenges at the interface of different domains have always fascinated me. Guided by my interests, I studied Chemistry and Business, wrote my master's thesis about wastewater in a dairy factory and took on my first role in the pharma industry in Quality Assurance. 
Now imagine my excitement when I learned about the ORDP program at Roche! With this program, I get to take on four different roles in various departments and see how these different functions interact – I get to experience how the puzzle pieces fit in the big picture. From the very first moment, I was inspired by Roche's purpose statement, “Doing now what patients need next” – a powerful purpose I am honored to contribute to!
Already in my first rotation in global procurement external manufacturing, I had a project with more than 10 functions involved, not to mention the various side projects and tasks, which have been an amazing learning experience for me. I would say my wish for work with unique challenges at the interface of different domains definitely came true. I cannot wait to see what the rest of this program brings my way.
If you are only just entering the world of pharma and can relate to my story, I can wholeheartedly recommend the ORDP program as a must-have experience.

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