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I started as an intern and ended up cooperating with so many finance teams around the globe.

I worked as a treasury systems intern at Roche headquarters in 2017, then continued my finance IT development as a consultant. I was invited to return to an exciting global project, which was an easy decision to take because I loved my experience here. That was when I understood personal fulfilment through meeting someone else's wishes. From then on, I knew that was what I wanted to dedicate my life to – and at Roche I can, with the best resources and a network of amazing professionals.


I am a Finance Business Analyst with 3 years’ experience in Treasury IT projects. Currently I am taking care of the rollout of an award-winning banking project with an international scope. I am in touch with colleagues in Roche affiliates and our banking partners to understand their financial and banking needs, which the project team aims to fulfil. I graduated from university with a degree in International Business. I studied in Germany, where I was able to combine all the things I enjoy most: travelling, meeting people from other countries, and continuously learning.



I’m amazed by the intelligence and expertise of the people around me. There’s a greater concentration of bright people from different cultures in one firm than I’ve seen elsewhere.

Our impact

My work helps Roche to reduce financial costs and ensure access to capital to support R&D efforts. My team develops and promotes digitalization and automation, which we believe creates value for patients.

The place to Work

Roche is the place to be if you want to be part of the synergies that are created by putting together the best people and high-quality resources to work towards developing professional and individual capabilities. I would describe the working environment at Roche in two words: support and empowerment. One feels the atmosphere of collaboration and sees how managers boost their co-workers’ potential.

Our workplace

The state-of-the-art site that Roche created for the IT family in Kaiseraugst is where I meet my colleagues daily, in what we call our neighbourhood. Working in an open space allows me to network with other teams, and to enjoy the various areas spread around the green campus. I also move between sites to meet my business partners in Basel, where we have day-long meetings and lunch breaks downtown.

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