A real commitment to sustainability

I help Roche meet its goals in terms of environmental impact. Consequently, I am helping society in general as well as the patients. 

I am Ana Sofia Trigo, an intern in the Innovation & Sustainability 3-month programme. I work in the Data Footprint team, Global Informatics, and the objective of my project is to reduce the carbon footprint of data centres. I study Chemical Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon. In August 2020 I had the opportunity of joining the European Solidarity Corps in a volunteering project in Vienna. I was able to help people with disabilities integrate into society while working as a gardener/painter. This year I was very happy when I received the call from my recruiter saying I got the internship at Roche. Working in a big company in which I can be part of meaningful projects is a lifetime ambition of mine.

Compared to my experience at university, science at Roche is more exciting. I also feel that my work is more appreciated. At university, our projects are often forgotten. At Roche, our projects can change the world – or at least make a small difference. People are much more motivated at Roche. My colleagues here (we are 15 in my programme) are all hard-working and smart people. It is a pleasure to be part of a company that attracts such talent. 

The Innovation & Sustainability (I&S) Programme helps me to develop because I am able to work on a project that has an impact on the world. I also exchange information with my colleagues and we can sometimes help each other. I gained deep knowledge in sustainability/ innovation topics thanks to this. 

To people who are interested in the I&S programme I would recommend to apply and truly show your passion for sustainability in the interviews. Also, do some research on what Roche is about.

Roche Tower

Working in the Roche Tower 1 (178 m) is something that amazes me every day.

Our impact

My work helps Roche to measure the CO2-equivalent emissions related to informatics and also to reduce them. This work has big relevance because we know the need for data is going to grow in the next years. I help Roche meet its goals in terms of environmental impact. Consequently, I am helping society in general as well as the patients.

The place to Work

Roche is a global company. This enables me to work with people from several backgrounds and locations. In the project I am currently working on, I was able to contact people from three different continents. I enjoy the diversity I experience at Roche. Also, the resources we have are incredible and people are all very supportive.

Our culture

The work environment is very collaborative, and people are very kind. My team knew I did not have an IT background and gave me all the resources necessary to learn quickly whatever I needed. My manager was very supportive and also made sure I was well installed in Basel. The thing I liked most so far at Roche are the people. My colleagues from the programme and I went hiking together in the Alps in the canton of Uri. It was a truly special weekend because we got to know each other better.

Our workplace

I work in Basel in Building 1, also known as the Roche Tower. The second tower will open in the next year but so far Building 1 is the highest building in Switzerland. Every day I come to the office and think it is the most amazing place to work, with the views of the Rhine River and the lounge on the 38th floor. All the offices at Roche are amazing, very modern and well equipped. 

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