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A Data Scientist in a Corporate World

The importance of data science in pharmaceutical and diagnostics has increased immensely over the past years. Dr Mohammadjavad Faraji, Senior Data Scientist at Roche, participated at the Big Data Conference in Warsaw, Poland where he was interviewed on the business value and the importance of data science in a non-IT company like Roche and the great opportunities he sees for data scientists in a corporate world.

The digitalisation in the health care sector allows the processing and interpretation of huge amounts of data, enabling a closer and more detailed look at each individual patient. This ability helps Roche offer comprehensive diagnostics and targeted therapies for people with cancer and other severe diseases. According to Dr Faraji, having the combined strengths of the pharmaceutical and the diagnostics business under one roof empowers Roche to drive forward personalised healthcare. A deeper understanding of molecular science and new methods for diagnostics, together with know-how in data science and digitalisation, as well as the partnerships and the global reach the company has, will help Roche to revolutionize healthcare again, yet through data.

data scientist, roche, presentation, careers, switzerland
Our aim is to transform our drug development, diagnostics, and care delivery so that we can deliver value to patients and the entire health care system.

Data science will have, according to Dr Faraji, positive impacts along the entire value chain, translating to benefits for the whole healthcare ecosystem. The validation of scientific hypotheses, revealing deeper scientific insights, better and earlier go/no-go decisions in R&D, faster and more efficient clinical trials, enhanced matching of patients and therapies, and increasing access to therapies are only a few of many objectives set by data scientists.

At Roche, data scientists have the opportunity to work in various data science areas. From a technical point of view, almost all the components of data science skill set are used to overcome real challenges including deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, time series analysis, and etc. Combining these skills with the domain knowledge acquired while working on different projects at Roche provides valuable insights and makes the work of a data scientist, who is passionate about “doing now what patients need next”, very exciting and rewarding.

The good sense of collaboration at Roche also helps data scientists overcome potential challenges, for example at the annual data science challenge where all data scientists at Roche across the globe work on one challenge together.

data scientist, roche, presentation, careers, switzerland
Without those challenges, we never become data scientists who are well prepared to tackle any obstacle in order to achieve a bigger goal, which is making a difference for patients.

This gathering is an opportunity for data scientists to share findings and knowledge and a place where self-development takes place. Every challenge is seen as an opportunity to learn something new and ultimately improve patients' lives and health through the science of data.

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