What to expect

The environment you work in – not just your job – plays a large role in how satisfied you feel with your life. As one of the top companies to work for in Switzerland, we aim to provide a setting in which you feel valued and respected. This means your energies are freed up to make unique contributions towards improving patients’ lives.

Below are just a few of the benefits and opportunities you’ll have when you work at Roche.

Maximising your development opportunities

We want to help our employees get ahead

We value not only the skills you have now, but also where you can take them in the future. That’s why we ensure you have access to all the training you need to excel at your job and help you fulfil your potential. This includes training courses that are specific to certain jobs or Roche technologies as well as offerings that are aimed at personal development. Being engaged and curious often means trying out new directions, and there is no shortage of those at Roche. And you can count on being supported by your manager, as we expect our leaders to take a genuine interest in their people. Read more

Looking after your health and wellbeing

We foster a culture of health and wellbeing

We recognize the importance of keeping your energy levels up and staying healthy. This is why our cafeterias offer healthy food choices, and we have various on-site facilities that will help you keep the endorphins circulating. Depending on where you work, you can visit Roche sports clubs or take advantage of discounts at external fitness centres. Join a class, go for a swim, do a workout, and if you need any advice, talk to one of our counsellors or specialists.

Balancing your work and life

We care about you and your family

Life is an ongoing balancing act, trying to ensure that everyone and everything is taken care of. We understand this, which is why the majority of our sites have child care facilities and offer eldercare assistance. We know you have important responsibilities outside of work too, so we try to accommodate those needs. At the majority of our sites, we support working models that allow you greater freedom to work the way you need to.