Meet Clint

1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am originally from Tennessee, in the South of the United States. I did m​y undergraduate and graduate studies in bio- organic chemistry before I took my first job in the pharmaceutical industry, working in a chemistry lab. I soon realized that I wanted out into much more social and end-to-end types of exposure to the Pharma value-chain. Since my graduate work was a combination of organic synthesis and computer-assisted molecular modeling, I chose to take a chance and jump out into IT and never regretted that decision! After several global positions in different pharmaceutical companies, I joined Genentech in San Francisco in 2005. I moved from a lengthy career in global Pharma to a smaller BioTech, and it was so much fun and full of new learnings. I had the chance to hold multiple positions across various IT departments. Finally, I created the Portfolio, Project & Account Management organization, which now brings me to my next journey as Global Head of Engineering and Head of Pharma Informatics Madrid Site.

2. How would you describe your professional career in Roche?

​In a few words: invigorating​, passionate, demanding, satisfying, non-stop, and fun.

3. Can you name a person who has influenced you to be a leader? And what is the most grateful part of being a leader?

My leadership has been influenced heavily by multiple friends, mentors and past leaders; however, my father has probably shaped me more than any other. I am hugely in his debt for my character, my passion to serve, my compassion, and my integrity.​ Thank you, Dad! And, the most gratifying part of being a leader for me is the privilege to serve, to make organizations healthier and sustainable, to make important change happen, and to identify and help develop other effective leaders.

4. What are your expectations on your new position as the new Global Head of Engineering and Site Head Madrid?

My expectations are that I will learn a lot, that I will have to stay very curious and open, especially in the beginning, and that I need to get my fact-base balanced before I make any big decisions. In collaboration with Architecture and Operations, I do plan to bring Engineering to a position of sustainable, collaborative leadership with our sister functions. My other expectation is that I will once again fall in love with Madrid. I lived in Madrid in the early 1990's between graduate and undergraduate school, and that was probably the happiest time of my life. I am so happy to be living in Madrid again!​

5. What are the main priorities and objectives for Pharma Informatics?

​The main priority for me is to maintain the passion, energy, and engagement that so many at the site have already created over the past 2 years. Madrid is an amazing and strategic site for Pharma Informatics, and I am very grateful to be a part of it. I want to help keep our site vibrant, healthy, and ​even more integrated and IT Partner-focused than it even already is.

6. How would you encourage creative thinking within our organization?

Please everyone, watch this TedTalk.

7. Four years from now, what would you like the people to remember PIMS for?

Great managers and leaders, excellence in design and execution, sustainable and flexible technology solutions, fit-for-purpose lean processes, passionate employees, great problem-solving, a partnering mindset first, mature well-balanced decision-making, and of course: ​being SMART, CURIOUS, ACCOUNTABLE, MULTICULTURAL, and FUN.​

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