The voice of the employees


If you have to think in which job you have feel more comfortable, you will have in consideration the atmosphere in which you were working. And quite probably you would choose as the best place to work in which you feel more contented. There are many other factors that might influence on how you feel in a specific position, but whiteout any doubt; to sense that there is a nice atmosphere working is one of the most clear.

You can appreciate that the relationship with your colleague and managers, how your work is aligned with the goals of the company and how engaged you feel with the company influence in this atmosphere. These and another aspect have a determinative influence in how contented you feel in your position.

For that reason in Roche we are very interested on knowing how our employees feel and to take in consideration to improve. Every 18 months we launch the Global Employee Opinion Survey asking all our employees their opinions about the companies, their preference and priorities. We strongly encourage our employees to answer it to better understand what is working right and to identify necessary changes.

In Roche we are compromise with our employees and we are working to improve as a great place to work. Would you like to join?

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