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Roche IT has my kind of soul

For 19 years I've been a UX Researcher, Service Designer and Strategist. I love constant learning and meeting extraordinary people, working outside my comfort zone and creative unrest. I ensure that my business partners recognize the users' expectations. I create innovative solutions for the benefit of others. For me, the patients' well-being always comes first. 

My name is Katarzyna Kaliszewska - Czeremska. I have the great pleasure of working at the Roche Global IT Solution Centre in Warsaw. My team specializes in Business Consultancy & Customer Experience. I am a UX Researcher, Service Designer and Strategist. My journey started with Roche in 2020, where my dreams, profession and helping people combine.

As a PhD graduate in Clinical Psychology in behavioural addictions, I also have been cooperating with many higher education institutions in Poland and abroad, working with students in psychology. My focus was on the methodology of research, statistics and advanced data analysis. I have successfully worked cooperating with Marketing, UX Researchers, Service Designers, Strategists and Innovators. But it was my Data Science specialists, who “infected” me with their love for the field. 

I found a place where I could put my diverse competencies to good use. I came across the IT division of Roche - Roche Global IT Solution Centre, where I can spread my wings. So, if you ask me “Do you do what you love?” I will answer “yes, I do and I do it in Roche”.

Meet Katarzyna


I create innovative solutions with people for the sake of other people. For me, patients' well-being always comes first.

Our impact

UX builds a bridge between the world of patients and development teams. We provide the organization with the knowledge about patients' needs and expectations, resulting in accurate solutions developed for patients.


The place to Work

Roche is an international organization with an established reputation. Even though it is a company of size, Roche Global IT Solution Centre has the freshness and flexibility of a start-up.  We work in flexible, often informal groups where passion and creative unrest are the things that connect us. At Roche, new ideas development is a great way to combine with your colleagues.


Our culture

Roche is a company with a friendly culture rooted in cooperation and openness. We have a very flexible organizational structure and close relationships across teams. Humans, as patients or employees, are the centre of our organization. Our company treats work-life balance very seriously and takes care of our well-being.

My decision to work for Roche is one of the best decisions in my professional life. 

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