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My aspirations are fulfilled outside my comfort zone

I’ve been working in IT for more than 10 years, but the past few years have been particularly busy. Mostly because of the skyrocketing demands that I experience while working as a DevOps. With the growing need of automation, self-scaling and self-healing systems to meet business requirements, the pressure increases. Challenges like this motivate me.


I am Guilherme Nishizawa, an IT Expert in the DevOps team in Warsaw. Back in 2018 when I was invited to join Roche Global IT Solution Centre, it meant not only changing jobs but also country. It also meant getting acquainted to a different culture and way of life. Certainly, my aspiration of being challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone has been fulfilled. While working at Roche Global IT Solution Center I had the chance to change teams, get promoted, take part in global projects and contribute to the technology transformation in the company.

Meet Guilherme


Exposure to new environments has contributed to shaping who I am today.

Our impact

The DevOps team is responsible for ensuring that processes are faster and more reliable. As a result, providing patients with tailored solutions quicker. In practical terms, we reduce the time to produce a new piece of code, automate manual processes and fill gaps in the software development process. We do this by introducing cutting edge technologies.


The place to Work

The most obvious aspect of the company’s priorities, that I have observed, over the years is commitment. I saw this even before I actually started working for Roche, as a foreigner requiring support to move to Poland. My journey was as smooth as possible due to the diligence of the team. After arriving in Poland the commitment did not decrease. I have received support from the company to get the right tools, training and challenging projects to help me grow as a professional. Every day I am surrounded by talented people who are willing to help teach and learn.

I can sense that Roche Global IT Solution Centre is a very unique place to work.


Our culture

In Roche I can feel very strong work engagement of people. The company's values of integrity, courage and passion are really put in place. It means that sharing feedback is always welcome and when I share my opinion I am listened to and treated with respect. I notice this transparency at all levels which is very important and encourages my engagement as well.

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