Supporting Departments


Our creative approach and effective cooperation enable the success of the company.

As a global, constantly developing company which currently employs around 86 000 employees in more than 150 countries, Roche is continuously searching for talented staff. Surprisingly, a lot of interesting and challenging jobs offered by our company do not have much to do with drugs development. We hire the best specialists in following departments:

  • Financial (Accounting, Procurement, Controlling)
  • Legal
  • HR
  • Communications
  • Administration

Our new employees quickly realize that the culture and work environment at Roche is based on openness and respect and these principles are valid in all departments and in all locations of the company. This allows employees to feel like at home, regardless of the department or part of the world where they are currently doing their jobs. Fruitful cooperation, freedom of expression and unhampered knowledge exchange are just some of the factors providing our success.

Sounds good? If so, check out our jobs currently available at Roche Poland.

The atmosphere at work is very important for me - and my role is to try to create it. The manager must lead by setting a good example to the other team members. It is also important to collaborate and complement each other at work - we are all working for our mutual success. "