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Ingvild is leading Roche Norway into the era of PHC

The right treatment, to the right patient, at the right time.

It has always been the aim for Roche to deliver on this promise. But with the current convergence of big data, technology and medical insight, there is opportunity to do this even better and faster by potentially reinventing the patient journey.

This is what I am striving for in my current role as Area Owner for our Norwegian OneRoche Personalized Healthcare team. We are a cross-functional, cross-divisional team with members from both Roche Pharma and Diagnostics. Our task is to prepare the healthcare system for the new personalised healthcare solutions that will be brought to the market, and this is a huge task as this requires changes in both policies, infrastructures, reimbursement systems and potentially also laws and regulations. Roche is in the forefront of the field, and pioneers when we are bringing new, innovative solutions to the market.

My work

I started in my current position one year ago, and have built our team and business in PHC from scratch. This is a field where things evolve rapidly, both externally and internally and the road ahead is not always clear as we are operating in an disruptive area where previous experience does not necessarily give you the answers you need.

This makes almost all tasks we perform challenging, but it also brings a lot of joy into work as we have to be very open minded, experimental and creative in our approach . As we believe the work we are doing can disrupt the patient journey and healthcare in general, it gives a lot of inspiration and satisfaction to come to work every day.

I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 22 years and have experience in medical, sales, marketing and people management. I spent 15 years in Roche Norway, where I had the opportunity to continuously develop and take on new roles and responsibilities. My last job before I stepped over to PHC was as a Portfolio Strategy Director, a central position in the Leadership team being responsible for our entire Pharma portfolios commercial results and strategy in Norway.

With our transformation to an agile organisation the old Leadership team does no longer exist, and the business is run by empowered disease area teams. I am so glad I have had the chance to develop my skills and behaviours further while adapting to agile ways of working. And since I am working in a disruptive part of healthcare I feel privileged to be in a position where I learn new things everyday and at the same time bring value to patients and our healthcare environment.

Meet Ingvild, Roche Norway's Lead of PHC

I feel privileged to be in a position where I learn new things everyday and at the same time bring value to patients and our healthcare environment.

Our Impact

In my previous roles in Roche, the impact my work had was to either develop and motivate employees or to bring our drugs to the appropriate Norwegian patient population as fast as possible. In my current role I think the above mentioned things are still valid, the difference is that we are bringing new types of medical solutions to the market and we are preparing for even more modalities like digital tools to come. And since we are working cross-divisionally, I also get to take part in bringing some of Diagnostic solution to the patients. We can also see to a greater extent how our work contributes to changes in the healthcare system, and in  what way private public partnerships takes place.

The place to Work

Being a global company, Roche offers many opportunities for growth and development. Even though, I have not been fully mobile and able to consider moving abroad, I know there are plenty of opportunities to contribute and get assignments also outside Norway. Roche has become a very flexible organisation, where rigid demands on location is not preventing talent development.

In my current role I also experience the benefits of having both a Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic division. This means that if you are stagnating in your development within one division you could look for opportunities for rotation or hire in the other division.

15 years in Roche means I have been very satisfied with Roche as a workplace. a A friendly work environment with colleagues I care deeply about and Roche being in the forefront of medical  innovation have been strong reasons for staying. With the transformation to agile culture and ways of working, it will be even easier to recommend this as a great place to work with focus on creative leadership and less controlling leadership style you have great opportunities to work in an empowered team at the forefront of cutting edge medical technology.

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