Meet Therese - The Patients Advocate

Already on my first day as Patient Relations Partner, I became completely blown away by the level of strength, compassion and hard work that forms the foundation of the patient advocacy groups. The majority of the people in these groups are doing unpaid voluntary work, mainly motivated by altruism. “I don’t want what happened to me to happen to others” is extremely powerful to witness.

This role came to life following the transformation in Norway three months ago. As this is a brand new role in Norway, a first step was to put in place a strategy on how we in Roche Norway should work towards empowering patients, and to become a catalyst in patients reaching their North Star.

Right now, I feel that I have a big puzzle in front of me, and for each week in my job, a new piece is finding its way to the picture. In addition to learning from our highly experienced patient partnership colleagues in other affiliates and in Basel, my number one focus is on meeting with the local Norwegian patient advocacy groups. Step by step, I am learning the patient landscape by participating in all external activities arranged by or for patient organizations to learn their view on important health policy topics. I have numerous one-on-one meetings with as many patient organizations as I can, to learn what their focus and hurdles are and to identify how we in Roche can become a partner in moving patient care forward. With the wealth of knowledge and capabilities that are within Roche, I am confident that we can do so much more, beyond bringing drugs to the market. 

As we are facing the digital revolution, it suits perfectly to integrate the patient partnership into the department of communication, social media and digital.  

Meet Therese, Roche Norway's Patient Relations Partner

Working directly with the people that are living with the conditions makes this job the most meaningful job I have ever had.

Our impact

Roche Norway is in the start of an amazing journey, broadening our focus with the goal of having the voice of the patient in everything we do. By having this as our mantra I feel confident that we can bring patient care to the next level, by co-creating together with the patient advocacy groups.

The place to Work

I joined Roche 8 years ago when I graduated as a pharmacist. My journey in Roche has been exciting at so many levels. My curiosity on different disciplines has been met with opportunities, having worked in pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs, medical information and in sales.

In my previous roles in Roche, I always felt heard, even at headquarters. I also received the chance to work on global and regional projects.These insights and experiences from different parts of the organization has provided me with capabilities that is a huge advantage to bring into my newest role.

Finally, from a personal life perspective I have two small children. Balancing family and work is important to me, truly feel Roche is a place to work in all life situations.

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