Meet Ida, Medical Advisor at Roche Norway

My name is Ida, I live on a farm in Rygge, and I work as a medical manager in Roche in Norway.

I have a doctorate in biochemistry, and before I started working for Roche I worked with cancer research in Norway, The United States of America and Germany.

At Roche the days are flexible, I for instance have the opportunity to work from home.

This makes it possible for someone like myself to live in the countryside with children, grandparents and animals, and at the same time contribute in the international arena.

As a medical manager my job is to function as a bridge between Roche as a company and the healthcare professionals at the hospitals.

My main responsibility is to ensure scientific and medical information about our drugs.

Working with clinical trials is among the most exciting and meaningful I get to work with at Roche. In that work I am given the opportunity to contribute to more Norwegian patients receiving earlier and faster access to medicines that are under development. That is very exciting.

I am very proud of working for Roche, a large and well recognised company, where you have the possibility to work across borders and cultures.

And this I believe makes the work especially compelling.

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