Inside Latvia

In Latvia, Roche is represented by a Pharmaceutical division.

In Latvia ROCHE is represented since 1920. In 1940 Roche property was nationalized and company operations were stopped. In 1993 Roche returns in Latvia and in 1997 opens its representative office. Roche has a strong leading position on the market despite of tough competition from other companies. Roche focuses on areas of significant unmet medical needs and the fields where the company has the expertise to make a difference. Roche focuses on areas of significant unmet medical needs and the fields where the company has the expertise to make a difference. Consequently, the patients are now able to receive more and more innovative treatment options. Similarly to global Roche, Roche Latvia is the leading vendor of oncological drugs and leading conductor of oncological clinical trials. In the Latvia, Roche focuses on marketing and sales for the main therapeutic areas: Oncology, Virology, Infections, Central Nervous System Disorders and Metabolic Disorder. The long term goal is to provide personalized treatment solutions to Latvia’s healthcare system.

Our people

ROCHE Latvia is based in the capital of the country - Riga. The office is situated close to the city center and therefore is easily accessible. Roche Latvia employs around 30 people. Majority of employees are with medical and business education. All employees are highly professionals and have considerable experience in their fields of expertise. Our employees have the possibility to work in multitasking and challenging international environment and what is even more important with our job we are able to make the difference in people´s lives. We encourage all our employees to embrace what we call personal leadership by taking accountability for their own performance and development. We want everyone to get actively involved in designing and driving their own technical and personal development, supported by a range of innovative tools and development solutions. It’s all part of the culture of empowerment and autonomy at Roche which helps to create our high performance culture. Roche in Latvia is a very stable company with very low staff turnover and high employee satisfaction.

Our employees form the company culture with their experience, education, life philosophy and enthusiasm.

Roche Latvia: The symphony of saving lives

Who we are looking for

We love to give opportunities for growth to people locally and globally. Roche Latvia also very strongly supports international carrier. In recent history Roche Latvia has 4 international moves. Locally most often we have open roles in sales and marketing, also in medical field. If you want to get your career on with a leader, Roche is the place for you. We are one of the world’s foremost companies in the field of new and innovative healthcare solutions, continuously investing in medical research and development. In an ever-changing industry, we’re able to offer long-term organizational stability while continually reinventing the company to address new challenges.

It’s also important for us that our employees share in the success of the company. We believe that successful employees should be recognized for their contribution to the business – whereas this reinforces our culture of performance and innovation

Our employees are experienced professionals that are actively involved in the company’s development, simultaneously strengthening Roche’s standing and their own expertise. Our collaborative and stimulating work culture enrich us both - professionally and personally, as we help to develop the healthcare solutions that improve lives around the world.

Come and join us, register in our Talent Pool right away! There’s no better place to make your mark.

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