Placement and Developement

Placement at Roche: Do you have a junior level profile and do not know where to start?

As a constantly developing multinational company, committed to innovated products and services, we value getting in touch with young people interested in learning about Roche and the opportunities for placement and growth that we offer.

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Training and development

Programs for new employees

At Roche, you will find a challenging work environment where we care about the needs of those who have started working with us. We are aware that the entry of a new hire entering a company is a very important and delicate time.

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Training and development

At Roche, the continuous professional development of our employees is a priority, as it allows us to retain our talent as well as achieve better business goals. We develop training programs that meet the people needs, not only in terms of job roles, but also with a focus on career opportunities as well as organization’s future needs.

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We are constantly updated and committed to the continuous improvement of our training, thanks to the feedback and the contribution of all the participants, because people are always at the heart of our interests.

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