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In Italy we are present with three divisions, Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics and Diabetes Care. Our head office is located in Monza.

Roche Monza

Roche gives great importance to its internal and external stakeholders, the community and the surrounding environment. For this reason, our lobby is not only a transit point but also a meeting place where, thanks to Roche Café, to create moments of social interaction among employees and among the guests who daily come to our head office.

Furthermore, internationally and locally, for years Roche as been committed to protecting the natural habitat. This commitment is expressed through the implementation of various actions to reduce the impact of their daily work on the environment, optimizing the consumption of energy, water and natural resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste.

Many little things are put into practice by the Italian office including the creation of the "Roche forest": the area in front of the canteen of the Monza headquarter has turned into a small forest, that is placed in the area of Dorsale Verde Nord of Milan, thanks to the planting of 400 native trees and shrubs, typical of the ancient plain forest valley in Lombardy; the operation was carried out in collaboration with the School of Agriculture of the Park of Monza.

In this perspective, Roche Italy has started the project "Small Gestures that do much for the Habitat", a campaign that promotes on the one hand the awareness of employees and on the other the implementation of initiatives with the aim of saving environmental resources, reducing the amount of CO2 emissions.

After so many "small gestures" such as the waste recycling around the Campus of Monza, the use of energy saving lamps, to light sensors and motion detectors that regulate the lighting of indoors and outdoors spaces, there is a major project : the installation of one of the largest photovoltaic plants in Northern Italy, in partnership with Edison.

The plant, which consists of 6,650 panels covering about 800 parking spaces outside the headquarters in Monza, is among the most important in the area of Lombardy: the energy produced contributes in part to cover the energy needed by the campus in Monza and a part is fed into the national grid, thanks to a strategic partnership signed with Edison.

Roche gives great importance to its internal and external stakeholders, the community and the surrounding environment. We have done a lot for our people, to make our campus look better and improve the quality of days spent in the office, trying to create a friendly and stimulating work environment.

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