Pharmacist turned Regional Specialist - meet Ana

I applied for Roche Croatia 7 years ago but unfortunately was not selected in the recruitment process at that time. Then, I went on to pursue a career in pharmacy until an opportunity from Roche found me. Here I am with Roche Italy, and it couldn’t have been more exciting.

I am Ana and I used to be a pharmacist in Croatia before joining Roche Italy.  Practicing pharmacy, I had chances to accompany patients in their therapies and see them after both good and bad laboratory test results. This enables me to connect deeply with my current role as a Product Application Specialist with a regional scope at Roche EMEA-LATAM Regional Customer Support Center (RCSC), where our top priority is advising healthcare professionals on laboratory tests and in-vitro diagnostics equipment. Within our team, we also assist individual patients across 6 countries regarding Roche’s health devices. Everything we do is hinged on how we can bring value to patients.

Time flies - I just celebrated my first Roche-versary in September this year but still recall the first day I entered an impressive building in Monza. As I reached the third floor, I heard five different languages (and I wasn’t counting English), so you can imagine how dynamic we are.



Roche supports work life balance that allows me to pursue my hobbies.

Our impact

Every patient is a human with feelings. Having been a pharmacist, I saw many times their world crash down in a matter of seconds when they started to be called a “patient”.  At Roche RCSC, we keep this in mind and know that we owe it to the patients to be reliable every day and give them our best efforts. I am proud that during these difficult times when Roche stepped up to launch a molecular test for detecting SARS-CoV-2 virus and the serological test for COVID-19 antibodies, our team has been working around the clock to assist with increasing requests from the labs regarding these tests.

It is impressive at the same time how Roche Italy has helped the overwhelmed Italian healthcare system by donating medicine to Italian hospitals, along with equipment to intensive care units and protective equipment to doctors and nurses. Our impacts are generated by the work of every individual, but also as one big family.

The place to Work

For me, Roche is a great workplace because it offers all the tools and training that you would need to do your job. During the past months of COVID-19, I am thankful that the company has prepared very well all the digital tools which facilitated smart working so that I could stay with my family and work from home safely.

What I have noticed as well is that at Roche, you are always welcome to express interests in a matter and own your development path. Once, I showed curiosity about methods for process evaluation, and a few months later I was invited to participate in several related projects to learn more about the topic. 

And food? It would be a shortcoming talking about Roche Italy without mentioning our Italian-standard cafeteria which offers a variety of meals including local specialties like pizzoccheri, tuna carpaccio, burrata…. Well, visit us and you will see it is not an ordinary canteen!

Our culture
We go as a group and we wait for each other.

I remember about my first weeks at Roche that my colleagues would always invite me to go for lunch or a coffee together. There’s no need to worry that you would be left aside not knowing anybody. These simple things can be taken for granted, but it is more than important to someone who changed her workplace and country of living like me.

The positive working atmosphere, companionship, and regular check-ins are other things which I am grateful for. With a cup of coffee at the office bar, I can talk openly with my manager about my projects, interactive training possibilities, flexible work hours and much more.

As one colleague said: “It’s a sin buying online when living near Milano!”, during the past year with Roche Italy I have made new friends at work and we go shopping together, enjoy “happy hour” drinks or visit different places over the weekends. Our team spirit is truly inspiring.

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