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Our culture

Be inspired by who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Our purpose

At Roche, we work with a purpose - developing innovative tests and medicines, and using data in new ways to help people to live longer, better lives.

Organisational structure

We have been writing scientific history for more than 120 years, and our work impacts millions of patients every day, now and in the future.

Excellence in innovation

Patient-centric science and innovation drives everything we do.

Because it’s not just a job.
It’s a responsibility.
A big one.
The next step is yours.

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Our people

Our people make our business. Our people discover, develop and manufacture our products and ensure that they reach the patients who need them.

It's our people who make our purpose.

Explore Roche worldwide

More than 93'000 employees worldwide are working towards one goal: to solve some of the greatest challenges for humanity using science and technology.

Every day, our work impacts the lives of millions of patients all around the world. 

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