Jade has been with Roche for six months in her role as an HR Specialist. Coming from a truly multicultural family, Jade is excited to leverage her excellent language skills at work. She feels empowered to be her best and values the development and growth opportunities that Roche provides. As an outgoing young professional with family members in different countries, she enjoys the greater flexibility at Roche which allows her to plan her travels and social activities easily.

Diversity at its best

When Jade joined Roche six months ago, she was excited to find a company where she can use her native Swiss German and English language skills and work in a team with Swiss connections. Raised in a multicultural family, having lived in Switzerland and having earned her Bachelor's Degree in Economics, Politics, and International Relations in the UK, she values the vibrant multicultural work environment that Roche offers. What she loves most about working at Roche is the open and inclusive company culture. Everyone can be who they are, and the diverse backgrounds and experiences are equally valued.

Where professional growth opportunities abound

Already in her first six months with the company, Jade supported various HR-related processes in the Swiss team. Jade is driven by her enthusiasm to excel in her work and leave a good impression. At Roche, she knows that she has the support of a strong company behind her. "We believe in you" is one of the most important messages that Jade and her colleagues hear at work. From the very first day, she has been exposed to new learning opportunities, various projects, and cross-functional collaborations.

At Roche, you start in a role, and you receive support to grow in your professional life. When somebody doesn't quite know where they are going in their career, they are not stuck in one place and can branch out. There are always some opportunities around, and you can tap into diverse resources.

A friendly and supportive work environment

"I love working for Roche for many reasons. I love my team and my colleagues, we get along so well. My manager is very communicative, and I receive a great amount of support from her. We have a buddy and peer system, which is great, and you get to meet new people. My peer was incredibly helpful when I joined the company and I loved the welcoming atmosphere Roche provided." Jade also highlights the company Christmas party, which is a popular annual event where colleagues enjoy each other's company and interact with each other in a more relaxed setting. Team lunches and offsite events are also a great way to unwind and socialize.

Work-life balance in action

Work flexibility is one of the most important factors for Jade. "I always wanted to work at a place where I didn't have to take my work home in the evening, and I can separate my personal and professional life. Roche allows you to have a life outside of work." Jade appreciates the Roche benefit, which allows her to work remotely from the comfort of her home. Jade also has many personal hobbies. "I love to write,"- she explains. "Traveling is also a big thing for me. The flexible work hours allow me to organize my time effectively around my busy schedule. I can plan my day and make deliberate choices. I can come to work early and leave early to go to yoga class with my friends. I recently started volunteering, and thanks to Roche, I have time to do it."

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