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Roche is an employer you will recommend to family and friends

Péter is a Senior HR Specialist who has been working at Roche for over one and a half years. His first-ever job was as an HR intern but, even though he studied Human Resource Management at university, it took him a while to commit to the field. Following a short detour to marketing and a year spent in Denmark earning some experience in escape room management, Péter returned to HR. He now strengthens one of the Global HR Reporting teams.

A unique culture

What Péter loves most about Roche is its culture. He has gained experience with Japanese, French, German and Danish companies but he believes Roche has what it takes for employees to be both comfortable and productive in a workplace. He appreciates its open and direct approach, focusing on efficiency without overstressing its people. “Flexible working and high performance fit together very well because of the trust and empowerment we have within an established structure,” Péter says.

Your career, your terms

“Whatever your position, Roche makes sure working here is always a great experience,” Peter explains. At Roche, he sees many opportunities for development, for vertical or horizontal career moves, depending on your aspirations. International moves within Roche are also a great option. One of his close friends who suggested that he join the company in the first place, has recently been posted to Basel after working a year in the United Kingdom. However, if an employee’s main focus is on his or her private life rather than active career building, leaders help them manage a comfortable work-life balance.

Without a doubt, trust and mutual acceptance are fundamental to Roche culture. From the very first day, everyone is open to you without any prejudice, which helps you reach your full potential.”
"I am confident to recommend Roche to my friends and family. I have even recommended one of my family members to a program Roche launched in Hungary called ‘Roche 40+’, which provides great insight into how our company works and how experienced candidates can find positions that may be a great fit for them."
roche, hungary, careers, blog, people

Our leadership hears us

“Roche has recently launched a new global employee opinion survey, which allows leadership teams to measure globally but act locally, and fast, too,” says Péter. “Based on the survey results, the company introduced several immediate changes to make our work and life even better at the Budapest office.” Roche employees can now choose to spend three days per week working from home, and they have new options to recognize colleagues for a job well done, which has tripled the number of team members awarded in each quarter. In addition, the company is working to refresh its flexible benefits package, so it is going to offer even more exciting options and a broader choice.

Global impact across the business

In his daily work, Péter supports HR Business Partners and high-level leaders in decision making by providing the required reports, data and statistics. He has assisted in global strategic reorganizations of Roche business divisions Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics and Diabetes Care, which relied on the data his team provided for the restructuring processes.

Peter says his proudest moment was his team being selected as one of the three finalists of an internal Roche hackathon. His team came up with the idea of applying a special feature in HR system Workday, which helps detect and correct system errors quickly. Their solution is about to be implemented across the world, from China to San Francisco.

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