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Roche creates an open and receptive environment where you are encouraged to share your ideas - Meet Dóri

With prior experience in HR, I joined Roche in 2019 as an HR Business Partner for the People Support Solutions (PSS) organization.


My main task was to work together with people leaders, support them in their people-related questions, and also give direction during the transformation of the department. Shortly after I joined Roche, I was asked whether I wanted to join the People Stream and I immediately said yes. It was a great honor to travel to Basel multiple times and work together with colleagues from different countries to create the PSS Core Capabilities model supporting the PSS transformation. We also developed the "Coming together as one team" concept which is a multiple-step program aiming to help colleagues from different cultures to create team cohesion and build trust. I was very happy that even though I was a new joiner at that time, I had the chance to participate in these exciting projects and bring a fresh perspective to them. Last summer, I was appointed as Lead People and Culture Generalist in the Employee Experience team, which opened a new chapter in my Roche career. This role gives me exposure to people management and allows me to work together with remote leaders across the world and collaborate on global projects.

Meet Dóri




At Roche, a caring and accepting company culture surrounds us.

Our impact

When I think about this question, I always consider the direct and indirect impact of my work. Through the patient stories, I'm profoundly reminded that I eventually help patients by performing my daily tasks. This is what I call the indirect impact of my work. More directly, though, as HR professionals, we are part of people's lives. We make an impact in different ways, for instance, by giving a vote of confidence to a candidate who might not have all the required skills yet but who wants to learn and has the right mindset. The fact that I was invited to Basel shortly after joining Roche or knowing that my ideas were received with openness and were later implemented all serve as a recognition of my work. It's also amazing to see how the "Coming together as one team" concept works in practice. At Roche, every day is different, and there are lots of learning opportunities that all attest to an open company culture. I enjoy the agility of the organization and the collective efforts through the different workstreams. Our leadership team and their authenticity is another source of motivation for me.


The place to Work

What stands out to me is the flexibility, open-mindedness, and caring atmosphere of the company. I have the pleasure of working with a self-reliant and agile team that I can always count on. Roche has something to offer for everyone through its excellent benefits package. The 'Loyalty Leave' is my personal favorite, which I think is a great incentive. Roche successfully tackled the challenges presented by COVID-19, and the transition to remote work was smooth. Our hiring efforts resulted in a massive growth last year, which shows that Roche provides job security. Work-life balance is crucial, and between our regular meetings, we have the flexibility to manage our own time. Our leaders trust us that we complete our tasks competently and within the deadline.


Our culture

At Roche, a caring and accepting company culture surrounds us and our internal communication is characterized by clear, timely and honest information. Successes and failures are both shared with us, which makes the company so authentic in my eyes. Roche responds to the market's needs and, in several cases, leads the market with its great initiatives and employee benefits. I'm impressed by how friendly, and approachable everyone is. You are always welcome to reach out to people within the organization. Collaboration works really well, in my opinion, and this hasn't changed despite the difficulties posed by the pandemic. Feedback is an important part of the Roche culture. Within the HR Leadership Team, we share feedback about each other as part of our year-end evaluation to help each other grow professionally. It feels great when your managers ask for your feedback and consider your opinion and input when making decisions.

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