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Roche creates a company culture where people feel comfortable speaking up - Meet David

All my career moves have been possible because I've been carefully building my skills, broadening my abilities, and joining new activities so I can be counted on when the company needs somebody to tackle a new challenging task.

My name is David, and I come from Spain. My journey with Roche started in 2016 when I participated in an HR job rotation program at Roche Diagnostics in Barcelona. In 2017, an opportunity opened up to move to Hungary, and I took it. My first role as HR Specialist allowed me to immerse myself in Workday-related testing and training activities and support Spanish stakeholders. Soon I was promoted to Senior HR Specialist. With my passion for systems, data, and processes, I further developed my skills in technical topics. Before long, I found myself working on an extensive Workday EIB library to assist with massive change requests. As I continued down my career path, I assumed roles of increasing responsibility. In 2018, I became Workday Taskforce Lead and a couple of months later Team Lead. Driven by my desire to dive deeper into processes, I also took on the role of Process Lead for the Employee Lifecycle Management teams in 2019. This prepared me for my current position as Global Service Owner HR Core Processes. Now I oversee governance topics, work on process optimizations, process mappings, automation, and efficiency matters.

Meet David




I don't think I've ever found a work environment where I feel as good and secure as I do here.

Our impact

One of my most impactful achievements is the Workday EIB library that I created after the Workday go-live. This is a set of folders organized by business process names with templates ready for every data change scenario. When my colleagues perform massive uploads of employee data, they can use the EIB library. It took me almost a year to compile and consolidate the information for all business processes. The library also contains training manuals so everyone in our Employee Lifecycle Management teams can use the EIBs easily. Before the library, massive uploads were more complicated and not always straightforward.

In November last year, I collaborated with three regions to provide employee lifecycle business process mapping. In a series of workshops, we planned the framework for classifying our processes based on complexity. All Employee Lifecycle Management teams went through a transition relying on our framework without a problem. When my colleagues and other team leads tell me that what I created is helpful, it's the greatest recognition. It inspires me to think about topics that I can improve and provide assistance with.


The place to Work

I don't think I've ever found a work environment where I feel as good and secure as I do here. I appreciate the company's openness; there is transparency, and I trust my colleagues. People can reconcile their private and professional lives here. The company adopts a fair attitude that I really like. If a family member is sick, or you have a doctor's appointment or need to run an errand, you can meet both your family and work responsibilities. Work-life balance is essential, and we're encouraged to take time off. Roche is a place where we acknowledge difficulties and challenges. Senior leaders emphasize that they don't expect us to be superheroes. To me, it clearly shows that I don't have to overcommit. The company takes a genuine interest in its employees. I've never experienced any hiring and promotion discrimination against anyone, and the decisions are always merit-based.


Our culture

Roche creates a company culture where people feel comfortable speaking up. The community is so nice here, and it's easy to collaborate with others. Once there was a time-sensitive task that we couldn't finish within working hours. Instead of asking my team to do overtime, we did a task swap with our colleagues in Costa Rica, and everybody could go home on time. It was an effective solution and didn't require any convincing. Roche encourages giving and asking for feedback which is part of the company culture. I also love that we have so much diversity at Roche. At every level of the organization, you'll find diverse colleagues, which is very unique.

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