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We don’t just talk diversity, we live it

Born in Hungary and raised in a multicultural environment by her Chinese parents, Yuan speaks several languages and moves between cultures with ease. When choosing an employer, diversity is an important factor for her. What she appreciates most about her everyday work at Roche are the recognition she and her colleagues receive for going the extra mile and the flexible working opportunities.

We value diversity

“Growing up in truly multicultural surroundings, I became comfortable with speaking different languages and experiencing different cultures at a very early age. It is important for me to be in an environment that embraces diversity whether it’s family, friends, school or work,” Yuan highlights. “At university, I was a member of the AIESEC student organization which has hundreds of years of history and solid principles of mutual respect and valuing diversity. I think it was that experience that helped me connect so well with the Roche culture.” Yuan particularly likes the diversity of Roche in its Budapest offices.

I love how people of different cultural backgrounds come up with ideas and solutions for the same problem or task. The mixture of these different approaches and the results we achieve together makes every day different and interesting.

We care about each other

Yuan loves the fact that the company considers people its greatest asset. While excellence and quality are important, it is not pressure but engaging leadership that drives colleagues to deliver the best results. At Roche, exceptional dedication and performance are always recognized and highly valued. She remembers an extremely busy year-end period when, during Christmas season, she put in a lot of extra effort to help her colleagues finish critical project tasks on time. It is one of her fondest memories because the special gift the team prepared for her was a beautiful gesture of a personal and heartfelt appreciation.

We are flexible

Yuan believes the most attractive benefit Roche offers is that colleagues at the Budapest office have great options to schedule their work flexibly. They can shift their working hours to accommodate personal and family needs, and work from home up to three days a week. Thanks to this flexibility, she doesn’t have to go on leave just because of a school exam or a medical appointment. “It feels good to be trusted to do your work without someone standing behind you,” Yuan explains.
When it’s your own commitment that drives you, it makes a real difference.

A passion for what we do

Yuan feels highly motived by her colleagues’ passion for work. She admires her senior team members’ enthusiasm and can-do attitude.
This is an amazing experience because not only do we learn from each other but we are always inspired to find creative solutions to problems and work as a team to overcome challenges.

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