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Develop professionally while sharing your passion

When Regina joined Roche as a fresh graduate, she had no idea how many opportunities for professional development and career building the company had in store for her. Since she started, she has been promoted, she has travelled, held a client workshop, even produced a dance performance with her colleagues. What she loves most about working at Roche is the deep respect for personal life and the freedom to express and share her passion.

Building your career from scratch

Three years ago, Regina started working for Roche as a student worker fresh from university, without any relevant job history. Not only was she given a chance to prove herself but her colleagues and manager were always there to guide her in building a career path since the very beginning. “Shortly after I started, I was offered the opportunity to become a regular employee. Then, only two years later, I was promoted to an advisor position. These opportunities and promotions demonstrate that Roche is indeed an equal opportunity employer that recognizes great work, persistence and a positive attitude,” she explains. “My story also proves that you don’t have to be afraid to apply to Roche without relevant experience or decades of work history.”

Professional development in and out of your comfort zone

Over the past three years, Regina has found brilliant development opportunities, she has attended many trainings and improved herself through special assignments. Right after her promotion, she visited Basel to attend a Pharma International HR meeting. “I was the only participant under managerial level, but I didn’t feel like an outsider for a second. It felt great to get out of my comfort zone and openly discuss my ideas with senior colleagues in a foreign language,” she says. “I had similarly great experience when I visited a Roche affiliate in Warsaw to hold a workshop. This workshop had a huge impact on how we work with our internal clients as advisors, so I felt honoured by the trust of my leaders who allowed me to step up and see it through.” Owning and delivering the workshop was a great step forward in her personal and professional development, and the success of the session showed her how highly her customers valued her work.

Work-life balance and fun, by your design

Working at Roche, Regina finds a healthy balance between work, personal life and hobbies. “On working days, flexible schedule and home office options are extremely helpful in arranging my time between meetings, focused work and important appointments,” she highlights. “On the other hand, when I am on holiday or out of office, I don’t have to think about work. My personal life is fully respected.” Roche also invites employees to create special bonds with colleagues through communities and initiatives, to practice their hobbies together. “The best thing is, it is really up to you what you want to do and how much you want to engage,” she says. “For example, I am a dancer and love hip-hop. For my first Christmas party at Roche, I felt inspired to share my passion and create a group performance for the party. I found a partner to pull the choreography together and recruited colleagues to join the production. I enjoyed the whole process immensely, from the fun we had at the rehearsals, to the cheers and applause of the audience.”

A great choice of benefits for all

Roche provides a wide range of different benefits, including flexible packages, to make sure it can be tailored to colleagues’ needs. Regina’s favourite perk is flexible working. “Whenever I need to urgently go somewhere for personal reasons or school obligations, I can do that without spending my paid holidays as I’m free to make up for the time on another day,” she says. The company’s private health insurance is another great plus as it offers a lot of different services. “Everything is included from general medical checks to diagnostics and treatment, and I love the fact that I can share this service with my family.”

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