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I began my career as an intern and have progressed to a double lead role - Meet Pali

Since I embarked on my career journey with Roche three years ago, I've received a lot of support and have never been left alone. I've learned that if you want to achieve something and you work for it, here you have the opportunity to reach your goal.


My name is Pali and I've been working for Roche since 2017. I began my career as an HR Operations Intern and obtained a permanent contract as a Junior HR Specialist a year later. Around that time, our operating model changed, so we started using Workday. The new system presented new challenges, so I adopted a 'learn as you go' approach. Later in 2018, I was selected to join a task force team responsible for building trustful relationships with our affiliates. I had regular calls and held training sessions to assist with Workday-related questions. My exposure to new areas of the business was enormous. Through my exchanges with the Centers of Excellence in the affiliates, I developed a new way of thinking. In 2019, I successfully applied for a newly created HR Service Advisor position. In this role, I had to understand the underlying purpose of the requested changes, and I worked on more complex cases. Earlier this year, the small affiliate pilot project was launched, and I became the project lead. This paved the way for my next career move this summer when I assumed the role of AskHR EMEA Team Lead. I currently act as project lead until the small affiliate pilot project ends and while I grow into my new role as team lead.

Meet Pali



I continuously receive positive feedback on my work, and I've been recognized for my achievements in many different ways.

Our impact

My advisory support was an important contribution to the local HR teams. I supported 20 affiliates with Workday-related matters, but the training sessions I held were available globally. One project I'm incredibly proud of is the ongoing small affiliate pilot project. With a new mindset, my project team and the affiliates work together to create something new and shape a future collaboration. I continuously receive positive feedback on my work, and I've been recognized for my achievements in many different ways. My customers send me applause points in our global recognition program to express their appreciation. I'm incredibly honored when a customer explicitly requests my assistance to work on their case or recommends me to their colleagues, saying, "Speak with Pali; he'll find a solution". To me, this is the greatest recognition.

It motivates me to work with people. As team lead, I want to develop my team and help them reach their potential. At the same time, I'm thrilled to work on challenging cases to find a solution to complex problems, let it be an excel report with formulas or other matters.


The place to Work

When I think of Roche as an employer, I always associate it with the word 'care'. From what I have experienced, the employees' health and well-being always come first. What better way to demonstrate this attitude than through the annual Wellbeing Week, applause points in our global recognition program, or the carefully selected employee benefits.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we've been provided with all the necessary technical support to work from home safely. The company even allows us to borrow office equipment so we can create a comfortable work environment in our homes. These might seem like small gestures, but this attitude enables us to balance our corporate and private life. During the pandemic, it became increasingly clear to me that Roche provides job security, which is so important.


Our culture

I think our company culture can be described through a common mindset or personality trait that is so apparent at Roche. The colleagues honestly care about their customers and take a genuine interest in resolving their cases. Giving feedback - and more importantly, honest feedback - is encouraged at Roche, and people also listen to the feedback they receive. With my managers, we actively engage in two-way conversations to share our experiences and ideas. If we encounter any obstacles to implementing the desired changes, we create an action plan together. Within People Support Solutions, we work together in a collaborative environment; we know each other and help our new colleagues integrate into this co-operation.

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