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At Roche, we work and collaborate in a friendly and helpful environment - Meet Krisztina

I was still in college when my summer internship at Roche ended, and I already knew that I wanted to come back someday. This is a company where I can identify myself with the mission, vision, and core values. We all work towards the same goal to help patients around the globe.


My name is Krisztina, and I completed an internship at Roche in 2016. After two years of pursuing other opportunities, I joined the company again in 2018 and began my second employment as HR Specialist in the Performance and Compensation Management Team on a temporary contract. Six months into my tenure, I was offered a permanent position in the Executive Compensation Team. My work scope soon extended to include tasks related to Roche Connect, a global employee share purchase plan. Eight months later, my promotion followed, and I became Senior HR Specialist in October 2019. In my role, I support the company's executive population and work together with an Executive Compensation Manager.

Meet Krisztina




This is a company where I can identify myself with the mission, vision and core values.

Our impact

I handle multiple responsibilities, and I'm happy to see the impact of my work. I prepare compensation survey submissions several times a year, which means I provide accurate survey input data to external providers. This is key to receiving the new market data and ensuring sound compensation decisions. It's exciting to compare the different salary ranges for the same position across borders. Using the survey results, I perform compensation benchmarking analysis for the company's executive population and align our executives to the correct compensation grade profiles. This requires patience and a strong eye for detail. The survey results also give me insight into market trends and compensation changes. One of my favorite tasks is to prepare draft compensation offers for executive-level candidates. I'm always excited to see if they accept my proposal or request some changes. Before assuming my executive compensation role, I had the opportunity to travel to my colleagues in Basel for on-site training. It gave me great pleasure and honor to participate in the knowledge transfer. Besides performing my usual tasks, I also enjoy the monthly activities related to Roche Connect.


The place to Work

Throughout my career at Roche, the company has impressed me as an employer that focuses on its employees. It's a place where your professional development is taken seriously, and there are internal career opportunities. Employees can choose from an extensive training catalog to learn new skills and further develop themselves. The internal career days provide an excellent opportunity to gain first-hand information about other teams and departments to help with your career planning. If you want to learn a new language or practice your skills, you can choose from several language courses. Currently, I'm enrolled in a Spanish class. The compensation package we receive offers carefully selected benefit elements to meet employees' needs at every stage of their lives. The pandemic showed me that Roche attaches great importance to job security and employee well-being. We receive regular updates and information, and I feel completely supported. I'm currently pursuing a master's degree, so I appreciate the home office opportunity and flexible working hours.


Our culture

If I had to choose one word that best describes our company culture, it would be diversity. The working language is English, so we communicate and collaborate with people from all around the world. These valuable exchanges provide diverse perspectives. There are plenty of opportunities to work together: I'm currently involved in two projects where we collaborate with several teams every month. At Roche, you find yourself in a friendly and helpful environment. Whenever I have a question or need advice, I can be sure that one of my peers or leaders will step in to help me or point me in the right direction. This is very motivating for me. To receive feedback on my performance, I can easily submit a feedback request in the system and send it to anyone I work with. I also have weekly check-ins with my manager. My overall impression is that people are happy to share and receive feedback in this open and cooperative environment.

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