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Empowerment, open-mindedness, and cross-cultural collaboration are at the core of the Roche culture - Meet Ha

My role is a unique blend of cultural diversity, partnerships across teams and borders, and a learning mindset. When I joined Roche in 2018, I was familiar with multinational work environments, having worked for large corporations before. What I didn't know was that Roche would elevate my experience to a whole new level. Since joining the company, I've had the opportunity to go on an international short-term assignment and participate in a talent development program where my mentor was a financial director.


My name is Ha, and I'm originally from Vietnam. In my role as Recruitment Sourcing Partner, I work together with the Roche EMEA Regional Customer Support Centers (RCSCs) in four different countries spanning Germany, Italy, Poland, and the United Kingdom. The RCSCs support healthcare professionals across Europe, so the roles we recruit for require diverse skill-sets and in-depth technical knowledge. To find the right talent, I have been in contact with all types of people from all over Europe and South Africa. My responsibilities include identifying and engaging with prospective candidates, interviewing them, attending meetings with hiring managers, and contributing to sound hiring decisions. My experience has taught me to be brave and embrace the unknown.

Meet Ha



I see my role in the big picture, so although I'm not in direct contact with the patients, by finding the right talent, I know my work helps make a meaningful contribution to society and improve people's lives.

Our impact

I'm proud to know that the people I help recruit might someday save a life since they assist hospitals in resolving technical or scientific issues related to Roche's medical tests and equipment. Their impact is especially significant now during these challenging times with COVID-19. I see my role in the big picture, so although I'm not in direct contact with the patients, by finding the right talent, I know my work helps make a meaningful contribution to society and improve people's lives. This brings a smile to my face every day and keeps me going. I also challenge myself by joining additional projects that are excellent growth opportunities. My participation in the new office building project in Budapest allowed me to positively impact my colleagues' new work environment. I also appreciate being able to support the new joiners through our Peer for Peer buddy program.


The place to Work

Our management team regularly checks in with us in surveys to see how we think about recent and planned changes. During the COVID-19 outbreak, as we began to work in this new reality, our leadership, both globally and locally, provided timely and transparent communication and regular updates, making us all feel cared for. The flexible work arrangements continue to allow us to work remotely and stay safe. Just as in pre-pandemic times, Roche is committed to the health of its employees. We also have an annual Wellbeing Week which offers interesting programs and events focusing on physical and mental health.There are internal communities centered around different topics such as wellbeing and healthy lifestyle as well.


Our culture

What is unique about the company culture is empowerment. Our leaders are truly committed to empowering their employees to step out of their comfort zone and learn new things. At Roche, you are not limited to your geographic location but are encouraged to collaborate with colleagues and teams across the organization. There's a supportive and caring atmosphere that I immediately felt when I joined. Germany, Poland, Italy, and the United Kingdom - whenever I visited my stakeholders, I felt welcome and included. I also remember a special time I worked together with a highly regarded senior manager in the United Kingdom who challenged me by asking me to tell him something he needs to work on. This was such a unique approach that I hadn't seen before. It shows that feedback is not a one-way exchange from leaders to employees at Roche. To me, he is a genuinely inspirational leader. 

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