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From an intern to a full-cycle recruitment expert - Meet Gergő

I joined Roche as a recruitment intern and was immediately surrounded by trust and openness. My supervisors believed in giving me opportunities to move out of my comfort zone. From day one, they treated me as an equal partner. This level of trust that I hadn't experienced anywhere else before fueled my professional development. Over my career, I have found excellent in-house learning and networking opportunities, challenging assignments, and had the chance to make my mark at Roche.


My name is Gergő, and I've been with the company since 2017. Before joining, I held different HR roles and familiarized myself with candidate sourcing. What was lacking at that time was deeper engagement and interviewing experience with candidates. This led to my application for a recruitment intern position at Roche. Within a year, I was promoted to Recruitment Specialist and took on increased responsibilities. In 2019 my work scope changed, and I became the dedicated Talent Acquisition Partner of the People and Support Solutions (PSS) department in Budapest. This encompasses end-to-end recruitment activities, significant stakeholder management, and greater visibility and accountability. I consider myself a people person, and this role has fulfilled my wish to engage with candidates and Hiring Managers at a much deeper level.

Meet Gergő



One of the many things I like about Roche is that it genuinely cares about its employees.

Our impact

As a dedicated Talent Acquisition Partner, I'm responsible for the PSS department's full-cycle recruitment process, so my work impacts many areas. In my role, I represent the company's values and mission. When I first contact prospective candidates, they make their first impressions based on their interactions with me. If they see my motivation, they will be interested in moving forward. My goal is to ensure a positive candidate experience. I also build trusting relationships with my hiring managers. We work closely together, discuss position requirements, business needs, and hiring strategies. The people we hire for my assigned client group will impact the organization's future success. It gives me great pleasure and honor to influence hiring decisions. Since the beginning of the PSS transformation, we have filled around 130 open positions with dedicated and talented people. My hiring managers continuously express their appreciation for the work I do. In 2019, I received the Roche Ambassador of Our Culture & Values Award in recognition of my passion, dedication, and accomplishments. At Roche, I'm part of a unique mission as I work for a company that makes a difference in people's lives all over the world by preventing, diagnosing, and treating various health conditions.


The place to Work

One of the many things I like about Roche is that it genuinely cares about its employees. We are not just numbers or statistics, which is also expressed in the employee benefits. Since I have in-depth knowledge of the Hungarian labor market, I can confidently say that Roche has a competitive benefits package. It has something to offer for every stage of life: team building and company events, a wide range of training opportunities, a Talent Program, or the recently introduced loyalty leave. The company promotes the mental and physical well-being of its employees, and work-life balance is a priority. My Roche story wouldn't be complete without mentioning my participation in the Roche Band as lead singer. Incredibly, I work for a company that has its own music band. This nice avenue for artistic creativity opened in 2018 with our debut concert at the company Christmas party. We are encouraged to pursue our passion for music: we'll have a professional studio where we can practice in our new office.


Our culture

Soon after joining, I knew that I'd arrived at a place where I wanted to pursue a career. I'm impressed with how incredibly motivated and talented my peers and leaders are. I'm fortunate to work with high-profile, senior colleagues whose wealth of knowledge helps me learn and improve each day. Our leaders are approachable, open and very competent. They have a well-deserved reputation as outstanding people-focused leaders. The friendly attitude and how we communicate and collaborate creates a positive environment. Transparency is another key characteristic of the company: we're always informed well ahead of time, and our opinion matters. Roche encourages a strong speak-up culture where constructive feedback is given and received in both directions.

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