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I love to be part of a success story

Bence chose Roche to build his career and develop professionally within a pioneering multinational company. He seized his opportunities and, in less than three years, Bence has progressed from an intern to Senior HR Specialist working in a global HR team. He is inspired by the challenges and the trust he receives from his leadership team – in return, he brings his best to every task. Bence also proves a hit playing drums in the Roche band, Rosszcsontok.

Heritage and excellence in innovation

Bence values the expertise and knowledge at Roche that is accessible for all employees from the very first day. “Working at Roche means you have access to best practice and the expertise of senior colleagues who have 20-30 years’ experience in the field. This knowledge is available within a system built on knowledge and expertise,” he explains.

As a true 21st century young professional, Bence embraces innovation and innovative approaches when it comes to what makes an employer compelling. “I believe innovation drives everything Roche does to improve people’s lives, and it is not an empty promise. It is embedded in our core business and our everyday operations, especially within our HR processes to make things easier and better for our employees. The expertise and knowledge accumulated at Roche is the guarantee for continuous improvement and excellence.”

Bence has already participated in several flagship HR projects bringing innovative tools and solutions to everyday tasks like scanning system errors, or measuring employee engagement. He is proud to work for a company with a global reputation where a strong heritage and continuous innovation jointly make it a trendsetter and a market leader.

A sense of purpose

Bence is in a lucky position as he knew for a long time what professional field interested him the most: human resources. He consciously applied to an administrative HR intern position at Roche. In that role, he supported employee life cycle teams in administrative tasks. This allowed him to learn all about HR operations and employee life cycle management. Today, as a senior expert, he is part of the global HR team working on reports and solutions that support the decision making of leaders.

My work plays an important role in making high-level decisions. I feel trusted by the senior leaders of the company and I feel like they are listening to my team’s advice. To see and experience the importance of my work inspires me every day.

Culture and community

Besides working on global projects, Bence participates in local internal company communities. He plays on the Roche basketball team, attending weekly trainings with his teammates. He is also a drummer in the Roche band. They perform at every main Roche company event, working together to bring the best vibes to the stage. Bence says, “Roche brought back both music and basketball into my life by introducing me to people with the same interests and providing opportunities to practice our hobbies together.”

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