Even as an intern at Roche, you start to think long-term

Monika was looking for an internship to make some money while doing her sports coach studies, but found much more than a fulfilling job when she was hired by Roche in January 2017: personal development, career opportunities and many friends. Over time, Monika realized Roche could be more than a short-term job and embraced the opportunities that gave her the chance to flourish personally and professionally.

A career opportunity

Once she joined Roche, she began participating in a wide range of internal trainings and courses to improve her skills and knowledge. The trainings she completed at Roche helped her identify her strengths and interests and led her to enroll at the Budapest Business School. Thanks to her dedication and the flexible work schedule option offered by Roche, she is now only a few steps away from graduating. Parallel to her studies, Monika became a full-time employee and is now an important member of her team. Her main responsibility is in training others by effectively transferring her knowledge.

A sense of purpose

Holding trainings allows Monika to help others improve themselves, boost their self-confidence and increase their productivity. The job satisfaction she gets from training others is the reason why she decided to become a trainer not only within her team but for the whole service center. Now she is part of two site-wide programs that help new joiners find their place within the organization and their everyday work life.

An amazing community

Apparently, besides professional opportunities, Roche had other benefits in store for Monika. Not only has she met a colleague who would also become a dear friend but Monika’s open personality helped her build many other great connections within the company. She especially likes it when colleagues become pals.

I love that our team building activities are always entertaining, creative and provide opportunities to spend quality time with co-workers outside the office.

Mónika highlights an occasion when her whole department went to an old abandoned warehouse building to play escape room games. As she did not have any close colleagues of hers in her team, she made a whole new set of friends by sharing this fun experience.

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