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A great team needs harmony, practice, trust, and a brilliant leader

Anna is a learning specialist working in Global Learning Services. After graduating with a master’s in psychology with a specialization in industrial and organization psychology, she joined Roche in July 2019.  Anna loves sports but it doesn’t just keep her fit. Her many years of athletic experience and winning 1st prize at the European Cheerleading Championships last year taught her valuable lessons about striving for your goals and being a team player.

A drive for innovation

Anna wants everyone to enjoy hassle-free solutions to complex problems. To support her colleagues, she created a visualization tool which measures quality and detects recurring issues to help continuous improvement and raise efficiency. As innovation is at the heart of what Roche teams do, colleagues’ ideas to make people’s lives and working processes better are always welcome.


Anna’s team leader was open to learning more about the tool and organized a meeting to help Anna present her solution to her line manager. Her idea and attitude to improve internal processes was highly appreciated. For Anna, the best recognition is that her team has already integrated the tool into their work. “It feels good to be empowered to have independent ideas that my leaders want to listen to,” Anna explained.

Team work and leadership

I have always played sports. I started with rhythmic sports gymnastics as a child, then turned to acrobatic rock and roll and now I am in an acrobatic cheerleading team. I have a very special role in the team: my teammates throw me up high to do different kinds of exercises in the air. It’s quite dangerous and requires a lot of practice. It only works if we are in harmony as a team, if I trust their abilities to catch me and if we are all well trained.

Anna has the same feelings when it comes to work. She considers herself a great team player but only with the right people around her led by an exceptional coach. At Roche, she has a great team with a thoughtful leader who regards team members as partners and always finds time to discuss current work issues as well as career opportunities.

A sense of purpose

Learning and development have always been at the center of Anna’s professional interest and her long-term goal is to design educational and instructional e-learning materials.
Even though we seem to be small gears in the machine, our role is critical in keeping the processes running on a global level. Let’s suppose that a learning material request comes through in response to a new pharmaceutical regulation. Certain employees have to have it immediately for Roche to comply with that regulation. I have to know how it applies to which colleagues, and provide them with the right materials on time. It is inspiring to know that people are counting on my work and trust in my professional competence in connecting people to the right training and knowledge they need to have in order to fulfill their jobs.

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