Dual Studies

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The programme for Motivated Students

A good theoretical foundation is indeed important, but do you feel the need to maintain the connection to practical experience? 

Then a bachelor’s programme of studies at a cooperative university might be just the right thing: the connection between a scientific programme and the practical experience at a company helps students gain important insights necessary for a successful career.

The three-year programme is designed as follows: every three months, the “dual” students (students in cooperative university studies) rotate between three months at the university and three practical months at Roche, getting to know the various sectors within the company. Students receive a work contract for the entire period of their studies as well as a continuous salary. Partner universities abroad and the opportunity to work at other Roche sites help students sharpen their soft skills and gain cultural competencies.

The spectrum of programmes of study at Roche is wide; it is not only focused on natural science and technology – it includes information technology as well as economics.  

The major advantage of the coop programme is that, after three years at Roche, I am already well-acquainted with the way many things work and can be integrated quicker into a specific department in comparison, for example, to a new applicant who first has to get familiar with the Roche world.
Leonard Alexis S.W.

Our current study offers at our Cooperative State Universities

Health Care Management
Management in Industry (International)
Industrial Engineering
Computer Science Business Information Systems Business Information Systems in cooperation with Ludwigsburg Electrical Engineering Chemical Engineering
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Semester Abroad

In addition to the professional competence, which the cooperative university students acquire in practice and theory, Roche offers foreign assignments for all courses of study at a Roche site worldwide. Thus our future talents also have the opportunity to develop personally, to get to know new cultures and to broaden their horizons.

We support the cooperative university students in establishing contact with the assignment department abroad and cover all necessary costs for the practical phase. The local department assists with the organization of accommodations and, if applicable, with the daily commute to the workplace. During your stay abroad, you will, of course, continue receiving your agreed salary.

After your practical phase and in consultation with your trainer, you can explore the country in the course of a one-week holiday more intensely. This is what our cooperative university students Sven and Hueseyin did: They spent their foreign assignment at the Indianapolis site. In their video, they show us what they did and what adventures they experienced in their subsequent free time.

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